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Serge (Radical Dreamers)

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This article is about the Radical Dreamers character. You may be looking for the Chrono Cross character.
Serge (Radical Dreamers)
Serge RD1.png
Career Adventurer and Musician
Age Adolescent
Gender Male
Origin N/A
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Average
Weapon Knife
"Do you still remember...? How we first met, and all of our adventures since...It all seems like such a dream nowadays...You were a piece of a star that fell from the sky. Whenever I want to return to those days long gone, I close my eyes and whisper your name into the evening sky..."
— Serge

Serge is the leading protagonist and narrator of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Similar to adolescent narrators from English novels, Serge is clumsy and outspoken. He has a sincere yet playful crush on Kid, who, as a way of flirting, constantly belittles him about his lack of fighting ability and his proneness to make bad jokes. Serge began his free life as a traveling musician who wandered city to city in a nomadic lifestyle. He wrote a song (implied to be Far Promise) that was one of Lucca's favorites.

Radical Dreamers is an excerpt from the diary of Serge from Chrono Cross, whose younger self is the narrator of the story, being read by his grandson to the player. While the things that occurred in that Serge's life and this Serge's life are similar, they have radically different personalities, histories, and abilities.


Serge is blond-haired. He wears pants and a shirt of a light-blue color, and a hood of a darker shade. Looping from his pockets to his beltline are straps of blue cloth. Little else is known about his appearance.

Combat and Abilites[edit]

In the Dark Forest near Viper Manor, Serge has the option to cast a spell on the Feral Cats that ambush the party. This attempt almost always fails as he is attacked before the spell is complete. Despite this, it is suggested that he acquired magical abilities at some point in the game. This may also be an early introduction to the Element System in Chrono Cross.

Magic aside, Serge wields a knife with which he is not very proficient. In many battles, he has the option to charge, parry, or dodge attacks. Serge is best-suited for dodges, as parrying with a knife usually fails due to its paltry size. Serge excels at feint-attacks where he distractions enemies and opportunistically strikes. Direct attacks by Serge often miss and result in him sustaining heavy wounds, to which, surprisingly, Gil shows ample concern. Kid congratulates him if he does well in a battle but mocks him (even slapping him) if he does not. Because of this, fighting is best left to Gil and Kid whenever possible.


Knowing Kid for several years, Serge agrees to accompany her to Viper Manor to search for the Frozen Flame. Despite Gil's lack of dialogue and overall response to everything, Serge seems to trust him for unknown reasons. In the Manor, the party looks to Serge for answers, although he shows virtually no aptitude for the tasks at hand.


Serge tends to walk into traps often, and he springs a trap in the Atrium by messing with the fountain in the center, causing it to flood the room and fill it full of Piranha.

Mouth of Truth[edit]

Serge tests the Mouth of Truth by putting Kid's possession inside of it. Generally after doing so, Kid will slap him for potentially losing the objects in the statue's throat.


In the armory, Serge meets Esmeld and inquires about the key to the Catacombs. Esmeld relinquishes the key if Serge tells him a story about a Girl and a magical Sunflower. This story appears to be an allusion to Kid's life.


After being run out of the Manor by Vera and her legion of Porrean soldiers, Serge is abandoned by Kid and Gil. Kid claims the soldiers will follow her and not him, so he flees. He escapes unscathed and eventually starts a family, and ends up with a grandson.


If Serge sustains enough injuries, he dies and the player must start the game from the beginning (unless a game is saved via a Save State mode).


Serge comes from the Roman name Sergius which is Latin for "servant". Many Popes, Martyrs, and Spiritual Leaders take this name, likely influencing and changing its meaning. Serge also greatly resembles the word "surge", which is a sudden outpouring, such as with a river or electrical current.