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Ballroom RD.jpg
Adjoining Rooms Study
Gear Room
Items Found Here N/A
Characters N/A
Enemies N/A
Directions Down the hall left of the Terrace and directly ahead.
" At the far end of the room sits a gigantic organ, taking up the entirety of the wall. Its pitch-black aura beckons us. A countless number of candles provide a soft, flickering luminescence to the room. Everything around us shimmers in the dim candlelight."
— Serge describes the Ballroom.

The Ballroom, in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, is a room in Viper Manor. Down the left passage from the Terrace, the Ballroom sits ahead of the three-way fork in the hall. Inside, the walls are ornately carved with images of leaves and flowers. Ceramic birds watch the room's contents. Archways of Romanesque design line the far reaches of the round room and a massive pipe organ sits along the back wall.

Along the side walls are candles. In their meager rings of light, several oil paintings can be seen. The oil paintings appear very lush and expensive. The people whose portraits are painted appear sullen or enigmatic. Serge notes that one portrait appears to be watching him. In another portrait, he sees the face of a blonde-haired girl who strongly resembles Kid, but from the anecdotes of the Mirror of Whispers, it seems clear this is a painting of Schala. Fitting, since a preserved fragment of Zeal sits below the Ballroom and is Lynx's Sanctuary.

Story[edit | edit source]

Serge enters the room, searching for the Treasure Room Key, only to find the room empty. After Serge points out the portrait that reminds him of Kid, Gil is instantly uncomfortable and suggests searching elsewhere.

Once acquiring the Dragoon Ring and showing it to Radius in the Catacombs, it is revealed that the ballroom floor is, in fact, an elevator to the subterranean levels of Viper Manor and the pipe organ along the back wall serves as the key, allowing the thieves access to the Zeal Ruins beneath the Manor.

While the elevator descends, Kid admits that she hides many aspects of her personality for fear of getting hurt. Serge reassures her, tempted to kiss her. But the elevator ruins the sentimental moment.