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Radius RD.png
Adjoining Rooms Lynx's Quarters
Riddel's Room
Items Found Here N/A
Characters Radius
Enemies N/A
Directions From the Armory, travel down the corridor until its end.

Catacombs is a room in Viper Manor in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Typically, catacombs house the tombs of those long dead. These catacombs function as a prison for the Acacia Dragoons. Through the door, Serge detects groaning and a repulsive smell. Initially, the door is locked.

Story[edit | edit source]

Navigating through the subterranean levels of Viper Manor, Serge, Kid, and Gil arrive at a locked door during their search for the Frozen Flame. Sensing a terrible presence beyond the door, neither of the three want to uncover the contents of the room.

Once they arrive in the Armory, the thieves encounter Esmeld, a Goblin guard. Tell him a story and he relinquishes the key to the Catacombs, warning of the prisoner within. Unlocking the door, Serge discovers an elderly man, clad in rags, mumbling to himself behind the bars of a dingy cell. Gil bends the bars with his bare hands and approaches the stranger, attempting to facilitate communications. Kid, impatient with the urgency of the situation, shouts at him. Neither peaceful interaction or blatant shouting stirs the old man. Noting that the man's mind is shielded by illusions to help him cope with a traumatic experience, Gil suggests that finding one of the man's possession might awaken him. The party decides to leave, hoping to find a way to communicate with him and learn the whereabouts of the illustrious relic.

Returning after learning recovering the Dragoon Ring from the Torture Room, the old man reveals that he is, in fact, a Dragoon named Radius, who betrayed General Viper and helped Lynx usurp the Manor and steal the Frozen Flame. Mire in grief, he also reveal that the Flame is hidden in the Zeal Ruins beneath the Ballroom and suggests the party head there.

Upon exiting the cell, Kid suggests that they should free him, since his isolation and insanity served as adequate contrition for his betrayal. Gil, however, disagrees and claims that "the way has been opened for him, only he can decide to walk through".