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Riddel's Room

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Riddel's Room
Riddel Room RD.png
Riddel's Room
Adjoining Rooms Lynx's Quaters
Items Found Here Music Box
Characters Riddel
Enemies N/A
Directions Turn left at the Terrace, follow the stairs down, and head into the long dark corridors.

In Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, Riddel's Room is a room in Viper Manor. As the name suggests, this room belongs to Riddel, daughter of General Viper.Small trinkets comfortably decorate the many shelves. A large plush bed sits across the room. A cup of warm tea and a handwritten letter reveal that this room belongs to a woman. The walls are green. To the player, the room's contents are viewed through an oval mirror with an ornate frame.

Story[edit | edit source]

When first visited by Serge, Kid, and Gil, Riddel is not present. Searching the plush bed near the room's center sparks a longing in Serge for a full-night's rest. As they have been scouring the Manor all night, it is no wonder he lusts rest. Marveling at the softness and perfume of the sheets, he invites Kid to lay down with him. Not realizing the huge blunder he has just made, Kid storms out of the room and the others follow suit.

Should Serge instead choose to search the room for clues as to the Frozen Flame's location, Kid stumbles upon a Music Box. Daring her to open it produces unsettling emotions in Kid. From the velvet box, a familiar song plays. According to Kid, it is one Lucca sang to her as a child. Reliving the memories forces her to tears and Serge documents that this is the first time he has seen her cry. Kid asks to leave the room.

Each time hereafter, visiting the room is considered unnecessary and the other characters wish to leave immediately. However, unlike the previous visit, the window is now ajar, and they fear the person who opened it will catch them.

When searching for a way to stop the plummeting ceiling in the Torture Room, the party encounters Riddel in her chamber. The mirror that the player views is also adorned with a bottle of spilled contents and a white lily this time. Hearing her voice, Serge mistakes her for Kid but quickly realizes otherwise and hides behind the door. The others hide as well. The group does not think long about how to handle the situation, as Kid pops up and starts making demands at the woman. Riddel is unsurprised and says the party is much too noisy to be efficient thieves. Eventually, she reveals that the man in the Catacombs assisted Lynx in murdering her father and stealing the Frozen Flame and that the Einlanzer is need to successfully traverse the Torture Room. Aft revealing this, she states that she wishes she could join the party, but she is not strong enough. The party leaves her room.