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Nobuteru Yūki

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Nobuteru Yūki (結城 信輝 Yūki Nobuteru?, born December 24, 1962 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist, illustrator, and animator. He was the main character designer on Chrono Cross.

Outside of the Chrono series, he is best known as being the lead animator and character designer for the anime adaptation of "Record of Lodoss War", being the character designer for the anime "The Vision of Escaflowne", and doing the character design for the anime adaptation of Xenosaga entitled "Xenosaga THE ANIMATION".

In terms of his video game resumé, for Square he also did character illustrations for the original Super Famicom/SNES version of Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) released in 1995. Outside of Square, he did the character designs for the games Dragon Force II for the Sega Saturn, Tail Concerto for the Sony Playstation, and Solatorobo for the Nintendo DS, amongst others.