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Tetsuya Takahashi

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Tetsuya Takahashi (高橋 哲哉 Takahashi Tetsuya) (born November 18, 1966 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) is currently a lead game designer for game software company Monolith Soft, Inc.

In the past, Takahashi has worked at Square (now Square Enix) and on such games as Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, which he worked on as graphic director. His most notable works are those within the Xenogears (Square), Xenosaga, and Xenoblade (Monolith Soft) series, all of which he directed.

During a conference in early 2000, the developers of Monolith Soft confirmed that Xenogears was originally planned as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, however, it ultimately ended as its own series of games, bearing the Xeno prefix.