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December 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Title Card
Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki (ラジカル・ドリーマーズ -盗めない宝石- Rajikaru Dorīmāzu -Nusumenai Hōseki-?, literally Radical Dreamers -The Jewel That Cannot Be Stolen-) is a Japanese video game produced by Squaresoft in 1996 for the Satellaview add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a text-based adventure game in which the player takes the role of Serge, a young adventurer accompanied by Kid, a teen-aged thief, and Gil, a mysterious masked magician.

The game is part of the Chrono series and is a side story to Chrono Trigger, released to complement its predecessor's plot, and later serving as inspiration for Chrono Cross. It features text-based gameplay with minimal graphics and sound effects, and was scored by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. (more...)

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November 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Zoah Official Artwork
Zoah (ゾア, Zoa) is an enigmatic member of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragon's in Chrono Cross.

His origin a complete mystery, he apparently came from El Nido and naturally fell into the service of Viper Manor given his physique and mindset were both suited for combat. Something adverse happened to him in the past, but this is never mentioned. He wore a helmet at all times, and little else to show off his muscles. When Serge tried to infiltrate Viper Manor via Shadow Forest, he blocked the party off temporarily by challenging them in battle. Later on, he fought with the party again at Mount Pyre. After the Fort Dragonia doublecross occurred, he helped Karsh take Viper back for recovery. He then wound up on the S.S. Invincible, where he preferred to sleep when not traveling. He often muttered in his sleep, dreaming of something to eat (his utterances included "YUMMY!"). He then accompanied Serge in the fight against the Time Devourer. (more...)

October 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Ozzie Official Artwork
Ozzie resides in the Middle Ages. One day, Janus appeared in front of him by a Gate created by Lavos in the Antiquity. Seeing that he was a human, he sent some Blue Imps at him, which Janus defeated with his magic. Upon seeing the power Janus had, Ozzie likely raised him and taught him the ways of a fiend.

Eventually, Janus became Magus and became a powerful figure in the Middle Ages. After Glenn and Cyrus obtain the Masamune, they are confronted by Magus and Ozzie. Ozzie comments that Glenn looks like "a scared little frog with no pond to jump into", so he asks Magus if he can give Glenn a more fitting form. Magus shoots a bolt of lightning at Glenn, which causes him to transform into Frog, making Ozzie partly responsible for Glenn's transformation.

When the fiends were fighting the humans, Ozzie was one of the commanders at Zenan Bridge, alongside the swordsman Slash and the magician Flea. When Crono's party arrive at Zenan Bridge during the battle, Ozzie introduces himself, saying he is one of Magus's three generals. (more...)

September 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Masa & Mune Official Artwork
In Chrono Trigger, Cyrus and Glenn had met Masa & Mune when Cyrus wanted to obtain the Masamune.

Later, when Crono's party seek the Masamune in the Middle Ages, they enter a cave on the Denadoro Mountains and see the sword. When they go to take it, a human child appears and asks if they want the sword. When the party tells him they do want it, he calls his big brother, Masa. Masa appears in a human child's form, and calls them buffoons for them thinking to make a name for themselves as "Hero" by grabbing the Masamune. He goes on to say that it is how you use a sword that matters, not that you have the strongest one. He asks Mune what they should do, who says that they should test them. They then transform into their real forms and fight the party. When they are defeated, Mune comments that they are tough and Masa says that nobody has lasted this long since Cyrus. They decide to fight them "for real". They say that with Masa's bravery and Mune's brains, they are unstoppable. They then merge together and transform into Masa & Mune.

When the party defeats their combined form, they come apart and transform into their original forms. Masa says that it was fun fighting them, and Mune asks his brother if they will fix them and if they will find their proper owner. Masa says that it will be alright, so they go into the sword and allow the party to take the broken Masamune. When they take the sword, Masa says that he will make them ride the wind to the base of the mountain.(more...)

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August 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Game Cover of Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス, Kurono Kurosu?) is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square for the Sony PlayStation. It is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. Unlike its predecessor's "Dream Team", Chrono Cross was developed primarily by scenarist and director Masato Kato and other programmers from Chrono Trigger, including art director Yasuyuki Honne and sound planner Minoru Akao. Composer Yasunori Mitsuda scored Chrono Cross and Nobuteru Yūki designed its characters.

The story of Chrono Cross focuses on a teenage boy named Serge and a theme of parallel worlds. Faced with an alternate reality in which he died as a child, Serge endeavors to discover the truth of the two worlds' divergence. The flashy thief Kid and forty-three other characters assist him in his travels around the tropical archipelago El Nido. Struggling to uncover his past and find the mysterious Frozen Flame, Serge is chiefly challenged by Lynx, a shadowy antagonist working to apprehend him.

Upon its release in Japan in 1999 and in North America in 2000, Chrono Cross received high ratings and critical acclaim, earning a rare perfect 10.0 score from GameSpot. The game's 1.5 million copies shipped worldwide led to a Greatest Hits re-release and continued life in Japan as part of the Ultimate Hits series. A "Millennium Edition" featuring a calendar, clock, and music sampler disc was also released.

Chrono Cross (like Trigger until it's recent DS port) was never released in PAL territories.(more...)

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July 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Official Artwork of Magus
Prince Janus was born, 12010 BC in the Kingdom of Zeal. Unlike his sister, Schala, he was more like his mother in that he was cold and distant. He is an introverted child, his only true friends being his sister and his pet cat, Alfador.

When Crono's party arrive in Zeal, they visit Enhasa, where they meet Janus. He tells them that the "black wind howls" and that one among them will perish, and then walks away from them. Later on, Janus and Schala converse. Janus mentions the "black winds", and Schala says that she feels "the foreboding" as well, though she tells him not to worry. She then gives him an amulet, saying that it contains her prayers. If something should happen to him, it would keep him safe. She says she wants to remain with him, but their mother has other plans for her.

Hearing this, Janus becomes angry and says she is not their mother anymore. Although she looks like her, she is not the same inside. Schala is then summoned by the Queen, so she leaves Janus and asks for his forgiveness.(more...)

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June 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Mitsuda was born in Tokuyama, Japan, and raised in Kumage District. He took piano lessons as a child, but he was more interested in sports and never took music seriously. He also got interested in PCs at an early age, and he taught himself to program simple songs and games. While in high school, Mitsuda rediscovered music, inspired by Vangelis' Blade Runner and Henry Mancini's The Pink Panther film scores.

After high school, he moved to Tokyo and attended the Junior College of Music. Despite the school's low prestige, Mitsuda received solid instruction from his professors, most of them practicing musicians who would take Mitsuda to gigs with them to help carry and set up equipment. At the cost of being used for free physical labor, Mitsuda got a first-hand view of the Japanese music world and valuable training both in and out of the classroom.(more...)

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May 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Crono, the silent protagonist
Crono (クロノ, Kurono?, "Chrono" in Japanese media) is the silent protagonist in Chrono Trigger. He lives with his mother (whose name is given as Gina in the Japanese version) in Truce village under the rule of the Kingdom of Guardia.

In 12000 BC, when the party is confronted with Lavos in the Ocean Palace of the Kingdom of Zeal, he sacrifices himself to save his friends, though he can be revived later in the game. With time travel, the player can manage to replace Crono in the moment before he dies with a copy received from the Millenial Fair in 1000 A.D, saving his life. While the other six playable characters have many lines of dialogue, Crono's responses to events are usually implied only through reaction and gesture, often for comedic effect. Crono speaks once in one of the endings to Chrono Trigger, saying just a few lines of dialogue. He uses a katana as a weapon and once he obtains magical ability, his Techs become lightning-oriented. In the original Japanese version of the game, Crono's element was Ten (天, Ten?), which means "heaven". In the DS version of Chrono Trigger, Crono's element is translated to Light, which is more in line with the original Japanese translation.

There are some points where he's shown to have romantic feelings for Marle.(more...)

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April 2010[edit source]

This Month's Featured Article

Spekkio, final form
Spekkio refers to himself as the "Master of War". When the party first meets him, he tells them that he has seen many battles from the End of Time. He tells the party that many years before they were born there existed a kingdom where magic was everywhere and where anyone could use it. However, people began to abuse their power over the years. Eventually, it became so bad that only fiends were allowed to use magic. He goes on to say that the party has determination and that magic only needs power of the heart and inner strength. He says that magic is divided into four types: Lightning, Fire, Water, and Shadow. He tells them that Crono is adept at Lightning, Marle is adept at Ice, and Lucca is adept at Fire. He then tells them all to think magic and then, starting from the entrance to his room, run clockwise along the walls three times. They do is, and then Spekkio grants them their magic powers.

Later, when Frog comes to see Spekkio, he is granted Water magic. Ayla cannot be taught magic due to her existing before magic was discovered, and Robo cannot be taught magic because he is not a living thing. Magus does not need to be taught magic as he already knows a great deal about Shadow magic as he was originally alive when magic existed. A character named Spekkio also appears in Chrono Cross but its believed that he has no relation to this Spekkio. (more...)

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Archive[edit source]

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