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Walkthrough:Chrono Cross/Vivi Zidane02

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Hi out there![edit source]

Thank you for clicking on this page! This is the complete walkthrough for Chrono Cross. It is currently in progress, so you can read it up to a certin point or whatever. Also, I will try to be covering both paths when you choose to save Kid or not. Well, enough of the talking, let's get on with the walkthrough!!!!!! By the way, I might not know where all of the treasure chests are and the monsters and the exact way to go, but just go with the flow. Thanks!!!!

Part 1:[edit source]

Fort Dragonia[edit source]

New Characters: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Random Character[edit source]

Ok, you probably have no idea where you are, but you'll recongize this place later. Anyway, you'll start of with Serge, Kid, and a random character. You'll all have Mythril equipment and all sorts of Elements, but don't get used to it, because you won't have it for long. the enemies here are not hard, so you have nothing to worry about. So you're at the elevator thing, right? Ok, you can go to the left if you want and get a glimpse of the thing you're supposed to get to, but it's pretty much a waste of time. Go through the set of stairs until you get to the shiny thing on the rock. Click on it to turn it off. Now, go around to get to the teleporter with 3 circles, and then you'll get teleported. Now you're on top of the sky!!!!!No, just kidding. But you're pretty high up. Anyway, after you go up to the gate straight ahead, there will be an MM (Movie Mode), and you'll end up at....

Arni Village[edit source]

New Characters: Serge, Poshul (Yellow)

Whew, what happened? What a dream...........Anyway, new place to explore!!!!!! There is a training center somewhere here, where you can fight Radius, this old dude, there is a shop, a restaraunt, and a new character perhaps. Anyway, if you look under you're bed, you'll find 200G!!!! Somewhere in your room is some Tablets, too. Check out the second house on the right, go downstairs and listen to a guy's soliloquy for the [SawTooth Necklace] key item and search the cart in the center of town for the {Seashell} custom frame. Enter the restaurant and search the "barrel" a few times for a free element and look for the [Heckran Bone] key item in the back room. Also, give a [Komodo Scale] to the small boy near the element shop for a reward. Check out the Chief's house paintings for a free cure element, and give the [Heckran Bone] to the pink dog in the yard to recruit your first character! once you've had your fill of the village, go north to the docks to meet your girlfriend, she gives you the quest of collecting 3 [Komodo Scales] from Lizard Rock to the west, and you're on your way.

Lizard Rock

BOSS: Mama Komodo (Blue)

There's a lot of treasure and enemies here, don't worry about dying until you're fighting the 3rd Komodo Dragon, in order to catch them here are the methods, make sure to keep your health high with tablets and cure.

  1. Scare the dragon, roll the big pink shell, scare it again and it'll get stuck, easy
  2. climb the tree in the second area south, beat some bums, and jump it!
  3. run run run as fast as you can, you can catch him, he's just pretty fast.

On the third fight, save up your power and elements, and prepare for your first boss, the Mama Komodo. It's big, it's bad, and if you didn't pack any heals going in you might be in trouble, but it's a simple and straightforward fight, just whack her til she crumbles beneath your feet. after that, finish collecting your booty and head to Opassa Beach.

Opassa Beach

WARNING! Once you start talking to Leena, you won't return to this area for a while, so check out the rest of the area before you go, like Cape Howl for some free stuff. Leena will talk about your childhood and promises made, agree with her (you'll thank me later), you'll "hear" a voice calling from the ocean, and then things get weird. A cut scene appears where you get swallowed by a huge wave and you end up passed out on the beach. You're eventually awoken by an old man with a komodo dragon, who says it's dangerous to sleep on the beech, and that Leena's back at Arni Village. Go to the world map and head to Arni.

Lizard Rock

? For some reason you can't walk across lizard rock anymore, and there's a danger sign. There's new red opassa fish flying around now, and the treasures have reset, do what you need to and head home to find out the cause of this weirdness.

Arni Village?

New Character: Leena (Blue)

back in Arni? town's changed. A LOT. go around and talk to the villagers to find out what's up, Leena's at the dock watching her siblings, as usual, and she tells you that you've been dead for several years, find the new treasures in town (yes, including a pot that's "probably just a pot"), and head to Cape Howl to verify your death.

Cape Howl

New Character: Girl

BOSS: Solt and Peppor (Yellow), and Karsh (Green)

Climb the cape collecting the goodies along the way, make sure you're all healed up for the next fight. When you find "your" tombstone, you're confronted by Karsh and the Shaker Brothers, claiming that you're a ghost, even though you don't look like one. Cry as Poshul gets punted off a cliff, and be rescued by a girl in red. She has several powerful red elements that make this battle easier, just make sure to finish off Karsh or Solt first. Afterwards, the trio make a quick escape, and she reveals her name is Kid, refuse her invitation for now, otherwise you won't be able to recruit Leena. She leaves in a huff and Poshul returns, getting you to sleep back at Arni.

Arni Village?

New Character: Mojo (Black)

Leena wakes you up in your old room which is now run by a komodo dragon, and she explains she'll join you because you seem to have a mental or memory problem, and that it's dangerous to go alone. next, go to the house you got the [sharktooth necklace] and give it to the guy surrounded by idols, he'll explain that he was originally going to be a fisherman, but things change, and he decided to devote himself to his idols, Mojo will hop off his alter afterwards and explain that he's an avatar of love, he's your first black element character, and could help in the next area. Afterwards, head north to Fossil Valley.

Fossil Valley

BOSS: Solt and Peppor (Yellow)

Head into the valley, claiming to be an exorcist, it's pretty straightforward, whack some dingos and climb the ladder guarded by a dragoon. After climbing the ladder, go to the dragon skull making wind noises, and get the [Heavy Skull], check behind the dragon head for another item, and climb the cliff to get the [Bell Flower]. Next, head down the ladder which a guard is says there's a monster down there to get the [Big Egg], defeat the Dodo, and head for the northern exit, ready for round 2 with Solt and Peppor. These two nincompoops get a black element to combat Serge with, but they get a TURN element, not an ATTACK element, and explain what went wrong and why. Beat them silly and head northwest to Termina for a big decision.


New Character: Guile (Black), Pierre (Blue), or Nikki (Blue)

Head into town, and encounter kid, if you have Leena in your party, she'll leave in a huff again and refuse to meet you til you go talk to the old man upstairs polishing his statue, and she'll ask to join your party (again) take her this time, her lvl 3 tech skill is steal, making her a nice addition to every team. go through town, buying Viper Churros, collecting treasure like the money purse at the mansion beneath the stairs, and chatting folks up such as the guy hidden in the shade near the statue. An important event if you don't want to miss the guy with the first or second most attack in the game is going down the stairs on the east side of town, you'll find a man and a lady at a swordsman's memorial, give them the [Bell Flower] for free and you're set, if you're greedy and hate people who ask for stuff, keep it below 100 and you should be fine. You've probably already fount the 3 people who want in Viper Manor, giving you options of different bosses, treasures, and experiences. First you'll probably meet is Guile, a mysterious magician who wants in as part of a bet, though he'll need a skilled boatman to get to the rear of the manor. Second is Pierre, who's missing his hero's medal, and he'll offer to take you through the front gate for returning it from the kid in the blacksmith's yard. Third is the Radical Dreamers rock group are missing their lead guitarist Nikki, and Miki (Red) offers to temporarily join to help find him in the Shadow Forest. Whoever you pick, you get in Viper Manor, so make sure you visit Lisa's and pick up plenty of healing (especially tablets and some antidotes) and attack elements.

Manor Bluffs

BOSS: Moamen (Blue, Black, and Red)

If you picked Guile, Korcha will take you around the rear of Viper Manor to scale the bluffs, when you start climbing a dragoon will start throwing boulders to prevent your ascent. climb up dodging rocks and grabbing treasure, once you get near the top, a large black birdman will off the guard, making the rest of the climb more relaxing, heal up and get ready for a tough fight when you reach the top. You'll encounter a group of 3 for this boss fight, Blue, Black, and Red respectively, the biggest secret for this fight is to kill either the blue or the red Moaman first, otherwise they'll use their combo tech to deal huge damage, other than that, heal as needed and it's an easy fight, then wait for night to fall .

Viper Manor (front entrance)

BOSS: Solt and Peppor, and KETCHUP (Yellow)

If you picked the self-styled "hero" Pierre, he'll walk up to the guards and literally ask if you can just walk in, they refuse you, so you can either play sick so they call for help, or charge the gates, depending on how many enemies you want to fight. after beating up the guards, the Shaker Brothers show up with their little friend, KETCHUP. The fight starts of with KETCHUP insta-killing one of your characters, no worries though, the naive Solt revives him, saying it isn't a fair fight, after witnessing their banter, focus fire on KETCHUP till he uses his ultimate tech, sacrificing BOTH Solt and Peppor for massive damage to one character, knock him out, and wait for nightfall.

Shadow Forest

New Character: Nikki (Blue)

BOSS: Solt and Peppor, Karsh (Yellow)

Shadow Forest is mostly blue, green and yellow enemies, but they're not very powerful, go through the forest, collecting some treasures, and save Nikki from a huge group of walking birdmen. After teaching them an unforgettable lesson, help Nikki into the manor by luring one of the three octopus things using the [Aroma Pouch] found in the chest in Nikki's cave, as well as an [Angry Scapula], I suggest you go the distance and get the red octopus to the monster for the [Skullduggery] frame, and continue on to the big tree and your encounter with the Shaker Brother's and Karsh. In this fight, you'll learn a little about summon elements, and that you can catch the lvl 7 Yellow summon Golem* from the Centaurpedes in the Hydra Marshes. Beat Karsh first, his powerful tech skills deal tons of damage, finish the Shaker Brothers off and continue. in the cave system you'll find a wraith blocking a stone that's letting lots of little Blue bugs out, take it out, shove the stone over the hole, and press forward, beating up the gloops and bugs you come across til you reach the bottom of the well, and wait for nightfall at Viper Manor.

Viper Manor

BOSS: Marcy (Blue), Lynx (Black)

New Character: Pip

Congratulations! It's night time at Viper Manor, and it's time for the infiltration, check the front door only to discover it's "locked", nab some treasures in the area and head towards the stables in the northwest courtyard. Avoid the green light unless you enjoy fighting the guards indefinitely. After going into the stables, talk to the dragon keeper and feed some dragons, the more you have to feed them, the harder it becomes so don't pick 100 unless you're absolutely skilled or you're super desperate for an iron helmet. After completing any challenge, he'll give you a reward and the [Manor Key] to get in the front door, so head out and enter the actual Manor.

Once you enter the manor, the only option you have is to talk to the weird snake statue and turn it left and right, you'll be wrong either way so don't bother taking your time. Afterwards, you fall into a trap, and some guards just hang out until you either bang the cage a ton or Kid provokes them for you. Beat them senseless and steal their uniforms, making you "indistinguishable" from the average dragoon, to npc's anyways, make your way to the western hallway and check the rooms out, following Glenn to the barracks to get the code, don't miss the Revive element in the chest to the southeast. Make sure you write it down if you can't remember it, and head upstairs to grab some goodies. go back downstairs and go east only to be blocked by a Cybot, so head into the treasure room and talk to everything EXCEPT the treasured necklace on the wall until the very end to avoid the trap. Afterwards you get trapped in Lucca's lab, where you become a guinea pig for her plant monster. It's a tough fight but if you have antidote and heals you should be fine. Afterwards, go to the cage in the northeast corner and unlock so Pip can make it's escape to see the world. Go into the rooms and collect treasures, if you REALLY want a good item, talk to Karsh's chest 20 times to get a dragoon gauntlet, great item throughout the game. give the snake the code, and climb the stairs, head east to the library, heal up, and get ready for Marcy.

Marcy's blue elements hurt quite a bit, so be sure to hit her fast and hard with red elements, and keep any Red character at high health, or her Ice Blast and String shot will be devastating. After hitting her til she cries, go back and trigger the elevator with the pillar that the librarian tells you about, beat some guards, save, equip revive to anyone but Serge and get ready to fight Kid's archenemy, Lynx. Lynx uses black debuffs, anti-white as a counter to white element, and hellsoul, as well as hellbound elements to wreak havoc with physical attacks. Keep Serge alive because his White attribute offsets Lynx's Black, keep everyone's health at a decent level, and knock him down. Afterwards, you discover that it was a doppelganger shadow cat, he then summons a few more to force you into a corner, Riddel comes in the room, only to be held hostage by Kid (clever girl) as an attempt to make a clean getaway, only to be cornered by Karsh and the dragoons coming upstairs, forcing your party onto the balcony. Lynx then corners your party on the balcony, saying there's no escape, throws a dagger at Riddel and Kid, forcing her to toss Riddel aside to take the blow, and she falls off the balcony swaying. Lynx then reveals that you're the "Chrono Trigger" just before Serge takes his leap. Fortunately, regardless of whether you picked Guile or not, Korcha's there to save your sorry arses after jumping off a friggin cliff.

Part 2


New Characters: Korcha (Blue) Macha (Red) Mel (Yellow) Doc (White) (Depending on your choice, you can get different characters)

When Serge finally awakens, you discover yourself in an odd house in the island town of Guldove, only to find that everyone woke up before you. However, Kid soon faints because of POISON! Entering Doc's hut, you encounter the strange Harle, and discover that Kid's been poisoned by an extremely rare Hydra Venom, with the only cure being the [Hydra Humour], with one problem, Hydra's have been extinct in El Nido for several years due to over-hunting. Now you have a choice: Save Kid, or Don't Save Kid,

  1. If you save Kid you can get Korcha, Mel, and Razzly
  2. If you choose to not save Kid, you can get Macha, Doc, and Glenn
  3. Saving Kid takes you to the Hydra marshes Homeworld, fighting several boss level monsters
  4. Not saving Kid takes you to Mt. Pyre, and the Ghost Ship straightaway.
  5. If you didn't give Glenn the Bellflowers for free, he may not join you!

Either choice you pick, Kid is saved either by your actions or sheer "coincidence", so don't feel to horrible if you prefer chose not to save her. Explore town, visiting the Shrine Maiden, and of course the element shop. (pro tip, buy several recover all elements and allocate a few in the lvl 1 slot of each character for free healing at the end of every fight) At the element shop, buy some Green and Yellow elements (including antidotes and braces) if saving Kid, and some Blue and White elements if continuing on the quest to fight Lynx. Before you leave, talk to the little girl who exchanges elements for materials for another piece of Skelly, and visit the bar to talk to the dwarves and get the [Green Tinkler] which allows you to use the strange plants in the Hydra Marshes without touching them. After all this, you'll have plenty of Copper to upgrade your arms and armor, so make sure you visit a good smithy or two for your stuff.


New Character: Greco (Red)

You'll always end up here regardless of which you choose, and it's your best chance to recruit the masked wrestler/exorcist Greco, so go down to the shrine where you gave Glenn the bellflower to witness a funeral, talk to the him, follow him to his house, and he'll join your party.

(optional) Viper Manor

New Characters: Luccia (Black) NeoFio (Green)

After all the chaos, Viper Manor is now open, so go talk to Luccia to recruit her, and if you want NeoFio, go to the Hydra Marshes (Another World) to get the [Life Sparkle]

Hydra Marshes (Another World)

The marshes in Another World are highly poisonous, every step hurts, and you won't get far without the [Green Tinkler] from Guldove, if you have the Golem trap element, the centaurpedes will cast it occasionally when the field is pure yellow. Climb the branches on the Western side of the first area, beating up some Green monsters bullying a Beeba, getting something out of it eventually, and continue climbing, fighting as you go until you encounter a bunch of explorers, they'll give you a spare [Hazard Suit] so you don't take poison damage anymore, and let you go on your merry way. Continue to the northern edge where you meet a temperamental vine thing, use the [Green Tinkler] to make it bow in submission, and continue on the the Easternmost area for an explanation of why the forest is so poisonous, and to collect the [Life Sparkle] for Neo Fio. Be sure to find Skelly's pieces in the marshes, it's at the end of a green tunnel where the party can literally disappear into.

Saving Kid

Opassa Beach

The place where it all began, use the [Astral Amulet] that kid gave you above the weird green glowy thing, and Serge and party will be transported to his Homeworld. Exit, and head over to the Hydra Marshes on the Eastern side of the map.

Hydra Marshes

Bosses: Wingapede (Green), Pentapus (Blue), Dwarf Army? (Yellow, ALL) Hydra (Yellow)

A very poisonous place filled with lots of green and yellow monsters, the place is vibrant with lots of plant life. Almost all of the monster that are green are poisonous, most notably the bulbous plant that just sits there, it will always cause poison with it's tech skill before it's demise. explore the place, climbing the odd "branch" on the west side of the first area, continue forward encountering an upset Beeba beat him and his friends til he cries uncle, and get his [ Beeba Flute] out of good will, and continue on til you reach a "wide, open space", use the flute to summon the first boss, the Wingapede. This boss is green, so have enough yellow elements to smack it down, healing for his damage, and antidotes for its iconic poison gas tech. After annihilating the Wingapede, walk on the dangerous ground and fall "head on" madam Pentapus, knocking her out. Prepare with Red elements and make sure you're healed up for another boss fight, Madam Pentapus hates her dinner being stolen, but Razzly is worth it! The Pentapus has better physical attacks than the Wingapede, but it's elemental attacks are only effective against Red characters, so hack and slasher her to pieces. After the battle, depending on whether you want Razzly's lvl 7 Tech Skill or a happy ending for the dwarves, put her in your party for a happy ending, leave her out for the dwarves' destruction and lvl 7 tech skill. Continue through the marshes, encountering an ARMY of yellow dwarves, with a total of 3 different types, and a total of 8 dwarves. When fighting the dwarves, use either elements that target them all or pick a type of dwarf and focus fire, otherwise their triple tech skill is a nuisance against your entire party. After that, chase them down, and get ready for a 1 on 3 fight with the Hydra, the protector of the forest. The Hydra is a yellow element monster with high physical damage, uses elements like wave of fear (lowers all defense) and Hires (increases defense) to make it harder to kill with physical attacks, but it's not terribly hard as long as you keep your health up, make sure that no Green character has your revive, and smack it with Green elements and attacks til it falls. After the battle, if you don't have Razzly on your team, the Hydra dies and the Dwarves flee in terror and indignation. If you do have Razzly, she finds a baby Hydra within the dead one, so the forest will live on. Either way, the dwarves flee in terror. Afterwards, head back to Another World to give Kid her antidote!


After giving the [Hydra Humour] to Doc, wait around for the night, only to discover Mel stole ALL of Kid's elements! Chase her down, or you won't be able to get another thief in the future. After catching her, continue on to Mt. Pyre.

Saving Kid: END

If you didn't save Kid, instead of Korcha joining you with his boat, Macha joins your party instead, and Glenn will join shortly after arriving back in Termina. At this point you have total control over Korcha's prized boat, so you can sail anywhere. But whatever you do, don't go to Isle of the damned yet, and if you do, don't fight anything unless you want to see the GAME OVER screen. The monsters there are ridiculously powerful for this level, and the only thing worth grabbing is the more of Skellys' bones on the eastern side in a little bone cave thing. To continue the quest take the boat and head into the fog blocking Mt. Pyre.

Ghost Ship

New Character: Pip (White?)

Boss: Polly (Red), Fargo (Blue), Dead Head (Black)

As you enter the fog, you end up on a mysterious ghost ship, encountering several suits of armor, and pirates! After the pirates appear, you fight Polly, then get knocked out by Captain Fargo and tossed into the brig. During the night, a REAL ghost ship shows up, and tons of undead Black monsters infest the ship, namely Wraiths, Skeletons, and Dead Beats, their elements are moderately powerful, but their physical attacks hurt, so make sure you keep your health high as you travel across the ship. When you reach the galley, talk to Pip until its cornered to let it join your party and fulfill its dream to see the world. Pips' innate attribute is White, but it's form and element can change depending on what elements it casts and has cast upon it. Please check out Pips section for his evolutionary potential.

Head up and if you feel lucky, get "healed" by the pirate with the mysterious brew, save and prepare for a few waves of monsters followed by Dead Head. Dead Head is a Black attribute boss that favors status such as diminish (which cuts elemental effectiveness in half) and status effects with his Bad Breath tech skill, so keep at it with physical attacks and healing, he'll fall sooner or later. After watching the Dead Head fall into goop, Fargo rewards you with information about Mt. Pyre, a place to stay, and access to ship (monster free). If you want to avoid lots of damage and get the easiest summon available, go to Water Dragon Isle (Home World) and get the ice breath and Frog Prince* element from the Water Dragon. You gets lots of iron from these losers, so make sure you upgrade you're favorite characters equipment to Iron stuff to make things easier. I recommend picking up some trap elements of each type (especially Holy Light, get several of them for a particularly handy boss), trap elements will be explained at Mt. Pyre through the antics of the Shaker Bros. (look forward to it), but first, back to Home World.

Arni Village (Home World)

Go to the pier and talk to the old man? at the end of the dock, he'll offer to take you Water Dragon Island for a cheap price, get on over there and find it oddly quiet...

Water Dragon Isle

Boss: Hi-Ho Tank (Yellow)

When you arrive, there are no fairies or music to greet you, so collect the treasure around the waterfalls, save, and head into the depths of the Island. When you arrive, you see fairies lying on the ground everywhere, and Dwarves saying that nature is ruthless, and humans and their progress are evil, chase the dwarves all the way through the caverns and down the waterfall, collecting stuff as you go (if you want a more tragic* ending keep Kid in your party, you may trigger a cool flashback), all the way to the Dwarf Chieftain. When you arrive, the Hi-Ho Tank rolls up with 2 Dwarves as support, the tank has excellent physical attack, and uses a random element tech skill every so often, but make sure you hit the little ones first, otherwise they use repair to heal the tank a large amount. Hit it with Green attacks and elements, keeping HP up and it should be fine as long as revive isn't in the hands of a person with Green as an attribute. After the tank explodes, depending on whether there's a hydra at the marshes (having Razzly in party while saving Kid is how it's done), they'll either leave peacefully or lament their futile existence in this world. Afterwords, collect your rewards from the Water Dragon, Frog Prince and [Ice Breath] and be scolded by the fairies for the sins of humanity. Head on back to Mt. Pyre to continue your quest to defeat Lynx.

Mt. Pyre

Boss: Solt and Peppor (Yellow), Red Dragon (Red), 3 Acacia Dragoons, Karsh, Marcy, Zoah (Green, Blue, Yellow)

Mt. Pyre is dangerous for one major reason, the lava everywhere, but before you freeze everything, check for chests in the fire, because if you miss them now, you'll never get them, so make sure you keep some capsules and tablets for some firewalking. After collecting the treasures interspersed through the lava areas, use [Ice Breath] to permanently freeze it, making it impossible to be burned again, continue fighting the hotdoggitys and cat burglars til you reach the Shaker Brothers again. This fight is a tutorial fight as usual, and teaches the power of trap elements, as shown by the example of Solts' black hole trap and Peppors' black hole element, traps are consumables and allow you to collect elements from monsters that cast it.

After knocking them senseless (Hit Peppor first, he's SUPER upset at Solt and will smack him for you), continue on, collecting stuff from lava til you hit the save, get your Blue stuff ready for your encounter with the little Red Dragon. He casts fire breath, which hurts for now, but mostly watch out for his physical attacks, keeping some healing on hand. After sparring with him, he lets ya go on, only to be stopped by the 3 Dragoons, Karsh, Marcy (who REALLY REALLY hates you for some reason) and Zoah. Pick one and stick with them, preferable Karsh, Marcy, then Zoah, because Karsh and Zoah have a combo tech, and Karsh loves his lvl 5 tech skill which hits everyone. Marcy uses weak physical attacks with strong elements, Zoah attacks hurt but he only has single target techs and elements. After beating them, Harle advises against entering Fort Dragonia (please ignore her), make sure you pick up a few tornado and iceberg trap elements from Marbule, along with the Holy Light traps, and a few free fall and inferno traps or you might regret it.

Fort Dragonia

BOSS:Giant Gloop (Blue), Taurminator(name check!) (Green), SuN Of A gUn (White), Bunyip (Red, then Black) Gen. Viper (Yellow) Lynx (Black)

As you can tell, this is it, there's tons of bosses, lots of chests, and a lot of puzzles. The enemies in Fort Dragonia tend to be Yellow, Black, and Red, but make sure you have a smattering of everything and plenty of recovery stuff. After entering the large room with the four weird lines and circles, pick one, I'll put the puzzles and how to solve them in separate paragraphs.

  1. If you end up in an odd room with sheer drops and a few circles, you're in the blue area, use the chests (opening and closing them) to navigate the room, collecting treasures, fighting a Dragoon, and make sure you have an Iceberg trap ready for Giant Gloop. Giant Gloop uses blue elements and attacks, so make sure you have red attack elements and non-blue healing elements for use. Start off the battle by using you're Iceberg Trap just in case, smack with attacks, healing, and elements, rinse and repeat. After defeating it and watch it flatten into a puddle, walk up to the crystal and deactivate it.
  2. If you entered an area with a dark pit and a dragon on a tower, you're in the red area, it will always assume it's facing north. so East is 1 to the right, South 2, West 3, North 4 or 0. Each area has either treasures, healing, or monsters, so you'll pick them all in the end for nice stuff and some fights against Cybots. Activate the crystal before you completely leave though.
  3. If you're in the center of a giant maze of circles, you're in the yellow area, make you're way to the room on the far Western corner to determine you're order, there's lots of stuff so change character order with the SELECT button and use the weird sign outside to switch the second and third characters' spots, in order to get to the crystal, the pattern is Tail, Body, then the Head. [Note: if Kid is in your party, she will register as the Body position and your third party member will be Tail, regardless of their normal order]
  4. In the square maze area, you're in the wind zone. The enemies tend to be Cybots, and Paper boys with Combats and the little black bats as back up. Cybots hit hard and heavy, paper boys are only bad when they start tearing themselves up, other than that, collect the goods and make your way to the crystal chamber and the Taurminator. First things first, He's green, unlike most of the enemies in the area, and he occasionally casts Tornado, so set a trap for that first. His elements hurt more than his hits, so be prepared for healing, especially if you have Poshul or another Yellow character in the party. After knocking him down, deactivate the crystal and exit.

Finally, the elevator is activated, but before you can use it, save and allocate you're holy light trap for the White attribute boss SuN Of A gUn. This boss is an oddity in and of itself, depending on it's health and elements cast on it, it'll change moods, casting debilitating attacks like Meteor Shower and Holy Light. I suggest you get it's health low without a black character, and try and grind for Holy Light, which instakills undead, and deals tons of damage, being one of the elements that can't be bought (which is why there's a trap for it). Overall it's tough if you have a Black character, but as long as you keep your health up without using white elements, it's not too difficult. After it spazzes to oblivion, take the elevator up, and have a sense of Deja-vu. Afterwards, instead of what you remember, there's a few bats and a lot of Acacia Dragoons, Sargeants, and an actual Dragoon on the stairs. Remember the teleporter? There's a boss guarding the crystal called Bunyip. As funny as its name is and as cute as it looks, it hits with red elements like Inferno until it takes too much damage, so make sure to trap one or two ahead of time. After that it unleashes it's inner darkness, becoming a Black attribute cyclops that uses an aoe tech and FreeFall occasionally, so set a trap as soon as it transforms, keep healing with white elements, and defeat the darkness! Afterwords, make sure that you got all the treasures in the place, because after going through the doors at the top of the elevator, there's no going back. EVER. so make sure you're ready before your confrontation with Lynx.

After going through the doors, you encounter the [Dragon Tear], being guarded by General Viper and Lynx himself. First up is the General himself, he's a yellow attribute character with his cross slash tech being his most dangerous move. He does decent physical damage but his techs are the real threat, so don't get knocked out at the warm-up. After knocking him down, he attempts a comeback, only to be stabbed in the back by Lynx, who challenges your party by himself. Lynx is similar to his first fight, just that he hits harder, faster, and uses Hellbound in conjunction with other Black elements, but other than Hellbound, his physical attacks are the real threat in this fight. After defeating him, Serge becomes entranced by the [Dragon Tear], only to awaken strangely.

Part 3

*SPOILER ALERT* you awaken as Lynx, get annihilated, and watch as Serge stabs Kid as what happened in your dream becomes reality. Afterwards, Serge defeats the party, and banishes Lynx to the Temporal Vortex.

Temporal Vortex

New Characters: Sprigg (Green), Harle (Black)

After awakening, explore your new surroundings, and notice the odd fruit tree and the house located nearby, shake the tree and run into the house before its inhabitant returns. After spending the night at Spriggs', the old lady joins your party, so make the most of this monster free area and explore its oddities, making especially sure to mess with the rocks at the topmost pagoda to get a revive near the bottom of the odd waterfall. Sprigg is unique, because she only has two or three elements slots available, along with her lvl 5 tech skill, Doppelganger, which allows you to mimic a previously defeated opponent, the most powerful of the ones available being Lagoonate. After re-allocating your elements and adjusting to your new characters, enter the tower, listen to Harles' problems with your perception of reality, follow Serge, and escape the Temporal Vortex.

Hydra Marshes (Home World)

Sprigg wants to throw a party in honour of your escape, and Harle just wants to get on with it, so get a move on, and see if you can't get to Another World

Opassa Beach (Home World)

Annnndddd... nope, doesn't work for some reason, so your only option is to head home and see what's up.

Arni Village

Boss: Chief Radius (Green)

You're a cat man now, so nobody likes you anymore, because they lack open-mindedness and experience with demi-humans. prepare some yellow and healing elements for a battle with the village chief, then talk to your Mom to figure out what's going on. Radius isn't terribly powerful, but he deals a lot of damage compared to the tutorial, so heal when your health is low, and beat some sense into that old man. Afterwards, he and your mom listens to your explanation, they give explanations of their own, and it's on to Termina to figure out how fix everything.

Fossil Valley

The enemies in the homeworld are much tougher than Another World, so be careful, especially with the weird fire priest monsters, they cast fire pillar and Volcano (so you can trap these easy here), so defeat the monsters with Sprigg, collecting the treasures here, and continue to Termina

Termina (Home World)

New Characters: Zappa (Red), Van (Green)

The layout is the same, but the Town's almost unrecognizable, so explore, talk go on a collecting spree, and shop til you drop. Zappa's pretty easy, just agree to help him hunt for the Rainbow Shell, and he'll gladly join, giving you the [Smithy Spirit], letting you forge anywhere on the map and at records of fate. Go beyond the smithy to the hovel and humor Van to get him to join the party. Afterwards, head to the docks and get some info about Norris wanting to see you at Viper Manor, so gear up and head on out.

Viper Manor (Home World)

New Character: Norris (Yellow)

The doors unlocked, but the Manor's in ruins. Take the old well down, follow the guards directions, and you'll meet up with Norris in the old jail area. After the explanation, Norris joins the party and gives you the cool boat back in Termina, time to explore El Nido once more.

Home World

Don't worry too much about heading anywhere, you can pretty safely get anywhere in the entire archipelago without issues, so it's recommended that you have Sprigg in the party to collect monsters, there's no place that isn't relatively safe, and you'll notice a weird set of islands with a black hole in the middle, it's the "Bend of Time", where you can enter beams of light and fight monsters from areas you've already been to. If you want to continue the story, head to the cruise ship the S.S. Zelbess, otherwise there's a ton of optional stuff to do and characters that you can collect.

Recruiting Starky (White)

An alien has appeared at Sky Dragon Isle, while it doesn't do much to normal people, anyone who has a [Star Fragment] (Which prevents any permanent status effects) is attacked by a ginormous alien. Get the star fragment from the El Nido Triangle (The weird three rocks in the southwest corner of the map by boat), and go to the very bottom, there are a lot of blue and yellow monsters here, so expect them. After acquiring the [Star Fragment] head back to Sky Dragon Isle, you'll see a little thing check a suspicious chest and run away. After opening the chest a gigantic alien will attack you. He's white, so be careful with Lynx in the party, keep his health up and make sure he's hitting hard, Starky only uses white elements, so be careful that the field isn't tilted in his favor. After defeating him, he steals your fragment, catch him and he'll join the party. Afterwards, talk to the explorers to get a new frame, and continue your journey.

Getting Draggy Early

If you want to get Draggy early, go on through Mt. Pyre, doing the same thing as last time. The enemies however, are quite a bit tougher, so bring healing and ointment for burns, after going through Mt. Pyre, head into Fort Dragonia, which has FAR better stuff this time, activating the crystals (without the boss fights mind) and collecting treasures, but once the elevator activates, take it DOWN this time. Put the [Big Egg] inside the center incubator and Draggy (Red) will pop out asking if you are it's mother. Say yes, and continue on, collecting stuff from the top floor, ignoring the teleporter (nothing there for you yet), and head out.


Marbule (Home World)

First things first, you'll need to hunt down the Sage of Marbule, head on over to discover the Great Explorer and his party exploring the area, he'll explain the nightmares and where the demi-humans are now, spend the night in the medicine mans' hut, only to discover a crying mermaid, after that incident ends, head over to the Zelbess for the Sage.

S.S. Zelbess

New Characters: Janice (Red) Irene (Blue)

Boss: Sage of Marbule (White)

In order to continue the quest, head over to the S.S. Zelbess, which is now a party cruise ship, Nikki's still the a huge star, but Fargo's now a prestigious luxury liner owner, and works the demi-humans as indentured servants, functioning as cleaning, cooking, and such general service. Find the sage (The green guy with a broom) and he'll head over to a members only area, talk to Fargo to make a bet with him, lose (inevitably), and enter his service too. Afterwards, head on over to the Sneff family show for some REAL magic, exit, re-enter, and be amazed at how cute you look as a kitty cat. Go around the ship, talking to the animals, heading into the inn and stealing the [turn rod?] that's being used by Fargo to cheat, go to the kitchen to get some treasure, get the [Monster Mouth] frame from the cat boss nearby, and head over to the Nikki's cruise ship for some juicy info, head back to Sneffs' magic area, and enter the performers room to turn back. Afterwards, challenge the captain to a second round, be careful and he'll lose in the first three spins. He'll then compliment you on your [shiny handle?] and give you access to the VIP area. After going to the VIP area, if you collected Taurminator, Lagoonate, and Airframe, head down the ladder to have a monster fight with Janice, using Airframe, Taurminator, and then Lagoonate for the best results (She gives some pretty sweet items, along with her bad self). (S)Talk to the sage until he finally agrees to talk to you for a little bit, he'll then challenge you to a fight. He uses mid-tier elements with high power and weak physical attacks, keep your health up and he'll go down like nothing. Afterwards, he'll explain the situation a little, give you the [Fiddler Crab], be abducted by Nikki to teach him, and leave. Nikki invites the party to assist with a special plan he's cooking up, so head over to the ship and agree, Irene will join the party at this point, then talk to Miki in the cafe, to pave the way to recruitment. You can't do anything else here if you've recruited Janice, and have finished gambling, so head on out to the pearly gates?.

Pearly Gates?/ Hermits Hideaway

After using the [Fiddler Crab] on the world map, you enter a cave only to find an EVIL Masamune blocking the path, making it impossible to pass without going insane. Follow Radius to hermits hideaway, stay outside and make sure you use [Ice Breath] on the oddly hot spot for another character recruitment later. He'll exit and give you [Garai's Keepsake], explore the interior of the house, collecting a few decent items and an energizer suit, and continue to Isle of the Damned.

Isle of the Damned

Boss: Garai (White)

In order to continue, you must lure the conspicuous Will-O-Wisp near ALL the areas that are blocked off by that weird barrier stuff. after fighting it, it will explode and reveal the treasures or entrance within. Make sure you have sprigg in the party the entire time, the airframe monster is extremely powerful for an undead, not to mention there's the unique Wight Knight (White) before Garai, it has exceptional physical power. After continuing on using the wisps to unblock treasures and the passage, Radius explains how to use the keepsake, it allows you to travel through mirrors. After exiting the mirror area, do the same thing with the wisp and get the inferno element and a fight with the powerful Wight Knight. After you've cleared the area of goodies, find a save, save, and prepare for one of the most annoyingly powerful bosses in the game. In order to prepare, make sure you only have Lynx as the sole black character in the party, he's already a liability against this boss, so don't give your revive elements to him. Second, make sure Sprigg has learned Dodo, because it allows her to use revive unlimited amounts, transforming from Dodo to Dodo. Healing is a must, because all of Garais' attacks do massive damage, and super-massive damage to Lynx, he's White so turn the field any other color, a pure white field makes his techs an instakill for most characters. After defeating him, you obtain the [Einlanzer], allowing you to defeat the Masamune blocking the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea

Boss: Highwayman (Black)

this area has several sub-areas within, most can be considered small paths like lizard rock, except for the Tower of Geddon. Go to the highway, fighting the ghosts and collecting treasures until you come across the Highwayman, who is probably Johnny from Chrono Trigger. He likes to use the darkness status effect, so use purify on your physical attackers and make sure that you keep health around the middle, he's not super tough unless you let him turn the field black which powers up his physical attacks, his specialty. Continue on, collecting the anti-elements around the area, and head to the towers, where you'll fight robo duckies, white robots that aren't particularly threatening. You'll get several decent items, as well as a little knowledge about Lavos from the future. Continuing on, you'll collect more anti-elements and encounter gremlins, forge on until you hit the Tower of Geddon.

Tower of Geddon

Boss: Miguel (White)