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Walkthrough:Crimson Echoes/CrosswalkX

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Walkthroughs for Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes:

  • by CrosswalkX

Introduction[edit source]

Chrono Trigger is an unofficial fan fiction game created by Kajar Laboratories as a ROM hack by ZeaLitY, Agent 12, Chrono'99 in development from 2004 to 2009. The game was 98 percent completed when the company Square Enix sent a cease-and-desist letter which resulted in the game getting cancelled. However, the beta game Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes and later on Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity was released on rom hack websites and released unofficially on the homebrew Super Nintendo cartridges and also on Gamebox 128 USB drive for Playstation Classic and also released on Retropie SD card with Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes and Flames of Eternity for Raspberry Pi 3, 4.

This Chrono Trigger fan fiction sequel is not official nor is it sponsor or endorsed by Square Enix since they sent a copyright strike letter to Kajar Laboratories. With that said here is the walkthrough guide for both Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes and Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity. Also keep in mind this game is much harder and requires more level grinding than Chrono Trigger. There are a few game breaking glitches which can make it unplayable and cause you to reset the game. There are 7 playable characters including Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Magus, Glenn and Alya.

Some of the Single Techs from the original game have been changed for Magus, Robo, Glenn and spells like Haste can now be cast on all 3 characters instead of 1. Marle from Chrono Trigger isn't the best character to use since they never let her use cure spells on all 3 characters and still restricted to 1 like in the original game. You'll be forced to play as Marle in certain sections with Ice 2 being her most powerful spell. But I usually leave Marle out since she is still the weakest fighting character in the game.

Walkthrough[edit source]

Tips and Tricks[edit source]

Winning Dash Rings and Magic Seals accessories at the Choras auction house. Early on in the game, the player can choose to take the ferry to Choras and go to the auction house and get Mid-Ethers and rare accessories. Make sure to go to the future 2305 AD at the coliseum and fight 3 Nus for 8 BP and trade them for Elixirs and Megalixirs which can be sold for 10,000 gold and 25,000 gold. Then when you get the the auction house the auctioneer will usually present Mid-Ethers and will randomly present Dash Rings and Magic Seals accessories which you can win as much as you want. The Dash ring will help characters like Robo, Lucca has 6 speed points and Marle 8 speed points give them 3 speed points up to 9 speed points.

Quick and easy XP/battle points and money early in the game! When you start the game, make sure you keep Crono, Lucca, Marle, and later on Robo, Magus, Glenn, Ayla in your party at all times for the XP/AP/.

When you arrive in the future, exit the dome/lab and head over to the western continent and head to the coliseum.

Make sure Crono, Marle, and Lucca have their antipode elemental magic!

Ask to fight in a TEAM battle under the HARDEST difficulty!

You will fight 3 Nu's. The Nu's attacks have a chance to inflict a random damage type. The types are as follows: A) Current hp -1, in other words it leaves you with 1 hp. B) 1 Damage. C) 0 Damage.

Heal when your hp is 1 while inflicting aoe magic damage.

Revive dead characters with Revive item and restore MPs with ethers mid-ethers.

When you win your battle against the 3 Nu's, make sure you exit the coliseum, or you will die against Spekkio if you choose to continue! And you will win 8 BP 60 Tech points and 496 exp every time.

Repeat for great and easy xp/ap/battle points and money.

You can also trade the BPs for elixirs and MegaElixirs for money and sell them for 10,000 Gold and 25,000 Gold allowing you to buy supplies and win accessories including Magic Seal and Dash Rings at the Choras Auction house.

You can even use your battle points to buy the Rainbow sword 250 BPs for Crono and Dream Team accessory 160 BPs each, for an extra fighting edge. Also, you can equip the Dream Team on your character for an auto life making it useful for fighting the 3 Nus in hard mode coliseum if the player chooses to fight alone. The Dream Team can be useful if the enemies kill your ally and allows for an auto revive which is used one time per battle.

The strategy above isn't game breaking because the game is still epic hard.

Equipping Rage Bands and Dash Rings

This game is much harder since there aren't as much speed tabs as they are more rarer than Chrono Trigger. Go to Choras auction house to bet on Dash Rings which will help slow characters like Marle, Robo, Lucca speed up. Also if you find a rage band make sure you equip it on Marle in her 1 AD scenario as she will fight all by herself.

Prologue[edit source]

Crono can explore 1005 AD in the town Truce like in the original Chrono Trigger game, the Millennial Fair is now renamed Leene Square, there is now a ferry that can go to Medina Village, Choras is now a tourist attraction town which has an auction site, a casino and shooting gallery. But the ferry has been cut off by Porre. The town Porre is under martial law and now has a military boot camp. Fiona's Forest can now be explored and there's also Denadoro Mountains which has a portal gate that's created to enter in the present. There's also a Truce Cathedral. Warning, it is possible for the player to get stuck in Choras Auction House. Save before attempting this. To perform this glitch run right up to the treasure chest between 2 auctioneers until the player gets stuck which the player will have no choice but to reset.

Many of the locations featured in Chrono Trigger has been removed Crimson Echoes including Heckran Cave is now sealed off as is the whirlpool, the player no longer gets to explore Guardia Forest.

First of all, get the Magic Tab which is found in Fiona Forest and buy tonics which you'll need, you can also get the Power Tab in Porre Mayors Manor. When you're done, head immediately to Guardia Castle to meets up with Marle and Lucca.

They will have a political meeting with King Guardia XXXIII in the kitchen downstairs who they meet 2 suspicious Porrean soldiers in armor one of them named Ingrus and the other Drill Sargent as they complain to King Guardian about 3 grieveances. Ingrus and Drill Sargent storms out of the room and the Chancellor is late for the meeting. Crono, Marle and Lucca follows them in the Treasurey room and learns they are plotting to assassinate the Chancellor and overthrow Guardia. Crono, Marle and Lucca attack and kills Drill Sargent and they run after Ingrus on the Zenan Bridge but Lucca forgot she has the time egg prototype. They corner Ingrus at Denadoro Mountains but Lucca accidently drops the time egg prototype and breaks it, and it opens a time portal door to the year 2305 where they are in Belthasar Labotory called Chronopolis and is greeted by Robo and Belthasar and the adventure begins.

Legacy of Zeal[edit source]

The chapter begins with Magus wandering in the wilderness with a blizzard and then he passes out and is rescued by one of the villagers from Last Village where he recovers. He then goes to the Last Village Commons to meet with the Chief Elder who asks Magus to find Sargon to ask for permission to use the Zeal Healing.

Head down to Mist Village and enter Sargons House and ask him for permission to use the Zeal Healing square, then head back to Last Village Commons and talk to the Village Elder, Dalton will show up and confront Magus. Afterwards go down to Sargons House and you'll find out that Dalton went into Beast Forest. Head into Beast Forest. Note the beasts are harder in this game. You'll want to have Magus use Omishield tech to boost defense and magic defense which will protect him. There is a Magic Tab which can be found in the west area of Beast Forest. go up and use the save point to save your game. You'll confront Dalton and fight a difficult boss called Golem Boss. Immediately cast Omishield and use Tonics and Mid Tonics to heal Magus, Golem will use Iron Orb which will cut your HPs in half. Cast Dark Bomb and Double Tap and heal until Golem Boss is defeated but watch out for Dalton Burrp counterattack which can kill Magus if he doesn't have enough HPs.

After the boss is defeated head up to Daltons Dungeon which is past Last Village. You'll encounter 2 Lashers and a Jinn Bottle. Watch out for the HP drain from Jinn Bottle and cast Omishield. immediately attack the Jinn Bottle using Double Tap and then use Dark Bomb on 2 Lashers. The Zeal Villager will tell you to read the clues in the tombstone. Otherwise, you'll encounter a dead end with Golem who will defeat Magus and make him fall in the basement of the room with a save point which you need to save your game.

Here's the answers to the riddles, Lasher uses knife go left, the airplane ship is called Blackbird go up, Enasha color is gold so go up, in Zeal the magic often used is Shadow so go right, also the tombstone will tell you not to be deceived with your eyes. There's a fake wall up in the room, walk up right through it, Zeal is powered by the sun so go up, you'll fight 2 Lashers and Jinn Bottle afterwards touch the statue and you'll be teleported to Daltons room where you will confront Dalton. You'll fight Dalton Plus but since Magus is weak, he'll be defeated immediately and imprisoned by Dalton and the chapter will end

Double Trouble[edit source]

The story goes back to Crono, Marle, Lucca where they visit Chronopolis and Belthasar will explain the mission to them. Afterwards this is a good time to explore 2305 AD. Go to the shopping mall and meet Johnny the man and he will give you Moldybread.

At this point it would be a good idea to go west over to the Coliseum to level up Crono, Marle, Lucca to build up their levels and tech points. Make sure you get Antipode for Marle and Lucca by choosing to fight easy. You'll also want to stock up on tonics, ethers and revives. Then when you're ready choose to fight hard as a group, you'll fight 3 Nus, 2 of the Nus will drain your HPs to 1, while the third Nu will damage your player with 1 HP. Use the revive Item on the fallen party member. Keep using Antipode until you defeat 3 Nus. You'll get 496 Exp, 60 tech for each battle you win. Choose to quit and you'll get 8 BP. Repeat until you level up Crono, Marle, Lucca and get all of their tech magic spells. You can also trade it in for Elixir and MegaElixir and sell it for 10,000 and 25,000 gold which will allow you to buy and stock up on items. You can also get Dream Team accesory which will allow for one auto revive per battle. Note: get Crono's power sword Rainbow which will make the game much easier to play early on in the game.

After you're done with the Coliseum, go back to Chronopolis and go down the elevator and explore the basement. When you head back to the elevator you'll encounter Ingrus a Porre Agent who will jump up. Follow him and go to the Dispatch Chamber where Ingrus will get caught and they'll drag him back to 1005 AD.

Crono, Marle, Lucca, Porre Agent arrive in 1005 AD in Denadoro Mountains and they question the Agent but he runs off and they follow him to Porre.

At this point if you have enough money. Go over to the Truce Ferry and go to Medina Village, then board the ferry to Choras. Don't bother with the Casino slot machines, roulette, blackjack or the shooting gallery since there's an easier faster way to earn money at the coliseum in 2305 AD. There is a Choras museum which you'll need to trade a wooden idol later on. You'll want to go to the Auction House to bid on items if you have enough money. Most of the time you'll bid on Mid-Ethers but other times you'll bid on Dash Rings, Magic Seals. You'll need Dash Rings for slow characters like Lucca and Robo and Marle since they are the slowest characters in the game.

Choras Auction prizes

Mid-Ether Dash Ring Magic Seal

Once you are done with Choras Auction, head back to Medina Village on the ferry. Please note there is a closet where you go into a time portal which will take you to 2305 AD. Then go on the ferry back to Truce. Go through Fiona Forest and head over to Porre Camp where Marle will meet with the Sergeant and demand to be let in. There is a generals tent headquarters but you can't quite go in yet. So go down to the lower South East corner and you will encounter 2 soldiers who are sick. Choose to borrow the soldiers clothes and Crono will knock them out. Then Crono and Lucca will be disguised as Porre Soldiers. Head over to the Generals Headquarters and Marle will have a meeting with the General Montcrief which doesn't go well. After the meeting head back to Fiona Forest but unfortunately it will get dark. So head over to Fiona's Shire and sleep until it's morning. Then go to Zenan Bridge but after you cross it. The Zenan Bridge will be under attack by Porre Soldiers. Fight the Soldiers and then they'll bring in their Dragon Tank clone Chimeratank. Attack the head and wheels with the tech magic spells including Antipode, Luminare, Flare. If you leveled up early on in the coliseum it will be an easy fight. After you defeat the tank go to Leene Square to the time portal or head over to the ferry to Medina Village and go in the closet to the time portal to 2305 AD.

Once you arrive at Chronopolis, talk to Belthasar and he'll explain what's going on with Porre Agent. Then a security breach will occur at Chronopolis which the reactor is under attack. You'll have to leave one of your party members behind. I usually leave Marle behind. Head over to the elevator and you'll be ambushed by Mage. Use Cronos Rainbow sword and you should dispatch it easily. Go down the elevator and run over to the reactor room and you'll fight 2 Blue Shields. You'll need to wait for the shadows to come out of hiding and then use Cronos rainbow sword and other attacks. After the Blue Shields get defeated the area will be secure. Go back up the elevator and talk to Belthasar. He will explain the concept of time travel and he will send your party members to the Ocean Palace Ruins in 19,995 BC.

Beneath the Azure[edit source]

Warning: Do not use Robo's Tech Steel Crash against the enemies or you run the risk of crashing the game. If you use Steel Crash Tech, sometimes the game will randomly freeze up and you'll have reset the game and start over from the last save point. Once you arrive at Ocean Palace Ruins, you'll be fighting Martello Turrets and Panels and Deceased skeletons. You can get treasure chests. When you're done exploring head up north, you'll find Speed Belt and you'll encounter Schala at the remains of the Mammon Machine. Magus will free himself from the barrier and head over right to the Ocean Palace Ruins and rescue Schala from King Zeal. Magus will fight King Zeal himself but he will lose the fight, you can steal MegaElixir from Zeal. After Magus gets defeated Zeal will steal Masamune and stab Magus and escape with the sword. Magus survives, have Magus run back to the time portal gate where he will meet up with the party members. They will go back to the year 2305 AD.

Magus will run over to the infirmary to be reunited with Schala and won't be in your party for a while. Have Crono and the team go down the elevator and talk to Magus in the infirmary room where he will talk with Schala. Leave the room and Melchior will have a talk with the party members and explain that history has been altered because King Zeal stole the Masamune Sword, history has been altered and the war with the Mystic War now won't end until 650 AD. After the conversation go up the elevator and head over to the dispatch chamber. You may go to 1005 AD and find that there is now a Knight's Headquarters which didn't exist before. When you're done go to 605 AD at Truce Canyon and you'll find out that Glenn will have a Knights headquarters built and the tension feud between Truce, Porre and Medina has been increased because the Masamune sword was stolen.

Some of the areas from Chrono Trigger including Guardia Forest, Magic Cave and Cursed Forest and Denadoro Mountains is longer accessible. Also, at the Truce Cathedral the player can no longer access the secret hideout from the organ which can't be played.

You can give the moldybread to the Mayor's wife in Porre mansion and she will give you a Wooden spoon, get three of them, which can be traded at the Choras Museum in 1005 AD. You can also go back to 2305 AD at the shopping and get more moldybread from Johnny the Man.

Head over to the Dorino Fields and you'll fight Ozzies troops and you'll meet up with Glenn who will fight the Mystic Hench guard. Note if Glenn dies it will be game over. So use slurp and Venomfield. If your HPs are low, use Braveheart and he should be able to defeat Hench. Afterwards they will have a discussion with Glenn about the Altered timeline and will explain why Cyrus wasn't the hero and mention a new general named Kasmir, he built the Vanguard headquarters to protect Truce from the invasion of Porre and Medina. Frog will lead the party and will not time travel yet.

Murmurs of Red[edit source]

Go in the tunnel and enter the first room and rescue Samuel the soldier, he will take care of the Hench enemies and you can get a rage band which you'll need in the game. You'll encounter Kasmir who is the general replacement for Ozzie. You'll fight him, and once you defeat him, he will retreat. Go out the tunnel and you'll find that Magus Castle and Ozzies castle are now gone. Go to the Mystic Den forest. Frog will meet 2 wounded soldiers and have 2 party members leave him to fight alone. You'll meet with the 3 generals about the battle strategy on how to stop the fighting. You have 3 options to choose from which will affect history in 1005 AD.

  • Side with Porre
  • Side with the Mystics
  • Declare Neutrality

If you haven't leveled up Frog. I would suggest to Declare Neutrality since it will allow Glenn to get free items from the deceased enemies including Rage Band and a free Speed Tab which can be used to give a speed point to Robo or Lucca.

If you choose Side with Porre or Side with the Mystics you'll have to fight some enemies. And after the battle is over 2 party members will meet up with Glenn. Leave the forest.

You can also do the side quest by going over to Medina and talk to the blue imp and give him Moldybread. Give him Moldybread 3 times and he'll give you a Wooden Idol item.

You can visit 1005 AD and see what changed due to one of Glenns 3 choices which won't affect the game. It will now rain in Leene Square. For some strange reason the audio music locks up, but you can still move around. Thankfully once you're done with Leene Square you can leave. You can no longer use the time portal gate in Leene Square since it's sealed off so you'll have to go to Medina Village in the closet to go to 2305 AD. Head down the elevator and meet with Magus and they'll have a meeting with Belthasar who will explain that the dreamstone is losing power and needs Magus and the 2 party members to retrieve his notes by going back in time to 12,001 BC using a scanner. He will give you a time egg which was used to save Crono from Lavos. After the meeting head up the elevator and go in the dispatch chamber and go to the year 12,001.

Asking the Mirror[edit source]

Once you arrive in the Magic Kingdom you can go to Enhasa, Kajar, Zeal Palace, Blackbird Airplane but you won't be able to go down to Earthbound kingdom.

There are 5 rocks to collect in Enhasa, Kajar, Zeal Palace, Blue Rock, Black Rock, White Rock, Gold Rock, Silver Rock. Make sure you open the chests otherwise you won't be able to collect them once you leave 12,001. The Nu will ask a riddle and the answer is "Kajar" in case you can't figure it out.

Head over to Enhasa and open Belthasar secret lab. Scan the notes and the security alarm will go off. Fight the Nu and afterwards the party will hide and see Dalton and 2 Lasher guards. You'll fight 2 Lasher guards. Take them out and then use the time egg to go back to 2305 AD. At this point you'll no longer get to go back to 12,001 BC.

The Breaking Point[edit source]

Once you arrive at Chronopolis, talk to Belthasar and give him the scanner item, he'll explain what's going on with King Zeal and explain about the dreamstone and also explain the origins of the Frozen Flame which consumed King Zeal. Go rest up in the infirmity. Then go up the elevator and Belthasar will explain that you need to find the Dragon's Tooth which is located in 64,999,995 BC.

Once you arrive in 64,999,995 BC, go over to Laruba Village and you'll find out that Ayla has gone over to the Singing Mountain. Also, get the soup bowl which you can trade at the Choras Museum. There is a Frog Hunting range. Don't worry about it for now and come back later.

Once you arrive at the Singing Mountain. Go in the cave and watch the Reptite play the drums which opens a secret passage. Go up the mountain and you'll fight Reptites and Avian Rex. The first drum part to the right dead end is guarded by Avian Rex which can be defeated easily. open the chest and get the first drum part. The second drum part is located to the left of the ladder guarded by Avian Rex, afterwards get the second drum part in the chest, climb the cliff down and run left to the cave and run left in the cave and exit the cave and run up through the foliage and you'll see a chest in the upper right corner which contains the third drum part and finally run right to the dead end and open the chest and you'll find the final fourth drum part and the drum will be assembled. Run all the way down to the entrance of the cave and go in the first cave where you witnessed the Reptite entering the secret passage. Play the drums in the order that's shown from the right to left from high, medium and low pitch moon symbols.

You will enter the secret cave passage and see a Reptite who was knocked out and witness Ayla getting ambushed and attacked by the giant Reptite. The party will intervene and fight the boss using Thorhammer. After the boss is defeated. The scene will switch out to Crono, Marle, Lucca walking through the jungle and getting ambused by 2 Megasaur which can be defeated with lightning Tech. Crono will confront the Reptite who has the Dragon Tooth but it disappears and an earthquake happens and the 2 parties Magus, Robo, Glenn, Crono, Lucca and Marle will gather together at the Tyranno Lair ruins to witness King Zeal in a barrier, Ayla will try to attack him but she will get knocked out. King Zeal will chant a magic spell. Crono can either choose to fight King Zeal or save Ayla, choose to save Ayla so that she can join your party later on. Marle will then throw the Dragon Tooth in a time portal and King Zeal will send Marle in a time portal following Lucca and Robo in a time portal, and finally Crono, Glenn and Magus in a time portal. History will change and the Reptites will rule the world.

An Emerald Dream Pt. 1[edit source]

You will play Marle's storyline which Marle is all by herself. This is the toughest scenario since Marle is the weakest character in design. This is my least favorite part and the worst level to go through. Make sure to either equip her accessory with Dash Ring or Rage Band since she will be fighting all by herself. You'll want to use Ice and Ice 2 and Haste and Cure tech spells she will fight with her weak bow attack.

Marle will be in Astur Hill and be greeted by 2 surviving villagers who will invite her down to the Last Refuge Village. Go down but make sure you get the Power Seal in the Treasure Chest in the Entrance.

Make sure you stop by and go to Lost Woods and get a speed tab that located in the upper right dead end.

Go to the Last Refuge Village and talk to Cedric and he will send you on a quest in the Snaking Woods to find a lost girl. Go right to Snaking Woods. It is easy to get lost in the woods here is the order you must go in. Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up and you'll find a path guarded by 2 monsters. Go left and you'll find the lost girl. Take her back to her father and you'll be rewarded with a SilverErng. Go over to Cedrics hut and talk to him, he will explain that you need to go to Dinopolis. Go back to Snaking Woods in the same order sequence and you'll fight Reptite and Fossil Ape.

Then you'll exit out on the world map. Go inside Dinopolis and Marle will infiltrate the lair. You can open the switch and push rocks in the hole which will affect the future for, Lucca and Robo, Crono, Magus, Glenn later on. Run upstairs until you find the small cube on the desk. Marle will get caught by the Reptite leader and Marle will fight the reptile and Fossil Ape guards. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the fight Marle will still be thrown in the dungeon cell where she will helplessly witness Cedric getting ambushed and fighting the reptite invasion and getting killed. With the last of the humans killed. There is now a human extinction and Marle will give up hope and die in the cell in 1 AD. and the story sequence ends. Transfer the equipment for Lucca and Robo.

An Emerald Dream Pt. 2[edit source]

Lucca and Robo will wake up to find out that they're in the alternate 2305 AD where they are in the Robots hideout. There is a speed tab which can be found at the dead end hallway in the jar to the right end.

You need to speak to the Robot Operator and he will tell Lucca they're in Tixiz Dome and the Reptites now rule the world and suppress the robots, he'll tell you about Xamoltan that the last remaining humans in 1 AD including Cedric has been killed. He will be interrupted by the robot guard and explain the mission to infiltrate the Robot Huacan factory to stop the virus. Robo and Lucca agree.

Head outside and go all the way west until you find the Huacan factory. Enter in the room, activate the teleporter on the computer and go left to the teleporter to another room in the conveyor belt factory, you can fight Alkaline and Acid for 3000 gold in the southwest corner and 3000 gold in the Northeast corner. Cross over the bridge and try to go up the ladder but the Reptite will sound the alarm and you'll fight R series and Reptite, once they're defeated climb up the ladder and push the button to open the door, climb back down the ladder and go in the unlocked door to the far left. Then you'll be in the computer room. Ignore the reptite as you can't do anything to the computer. Get the Lapis in the chest to the right. Go up in the door. Then go to a save point room to save your game. Go in the hallways to the second right door and fight the Reptite, Display and Proto 2. After the fight push the control panel and reprogram the robot to be on your side, exit in the hallway. Open the chest to the east and get a Rage Band and go up in the door to get 1000 Gold exit the room and go down the hallway all the way west and enter the far left door. Go up and get the Zonker8000 from the chest. Go up the ladder and exit the room and you'll encounter a conveyor belt puzzle. Which is very tricky to solve since you need to get the oil drums out of the way on the conveyor belt.

There are six conveyor belt buttons, press the first button, second button, forth button, fifth button, and finally press the sixth button and the robot will kick the oil can down the chute. Go back and press the third button, press the fifth button and press the sixth button. Then go back and press the third button and press the sixth button. Go back and press the fifth button twice and the fourth button and finally press the sixth button. The oil drum should roll out on the conveyor belt and the robot will kick it and it should roll right until it falls in the hole and gets stuck. Then you press the third button twice, fourth button twice, fifth button once, first button once and finally the second button. Then run on the conveyor belt walkway and the oil drums should be out of your way. Exit the room to the right and go to a save point to save your game. Run up and meet Reptite Chief and you'll fight Reptite Alkaline, 2 R Series, after the fight Lucca will override the drive and the door will open to exit out and the mission will be completed.

Head back to Tixiz Dome and talk to Operator and he will give explain what happened and why the Reptite timeline happened, he will give you the password Kalus to mention to the robot agent Repton. Go southwest and stop by the dome residence and the robot will give Robo a Lamellar X. Then go to the castle called Dinopolis. Talk to Repton and he will let you in. Depending on the path Marle Opened, follow the path downstairs and get a Full Ether from the egg box. You'll be fighting reptites and proto 2 robots, go left upstairs. There is a Magic Ring in the egg box to get. Go up the stairs and get Elixir. Go downstairs and go right upstairs and go to a save point to save your game. Go up the stairs and jump down into the arena and meet the Serpent. You'll fight a boss battle VisionSrpnt.

Note, if you're under leveled or don't have enough tech points, this will be a very hard fight. Hopefully you leveled up Lucca, Robo with Tech abilities earlier in the Coliseum arena otherwise this boss fight will be super hard and almost impossible. Also, he will cause chaos status aliment which you need heal items. Use Luccas Flare, or dual tech like Robo Punch, Robo Tackle, Thorhammer, Pulsevulcan until VisionSrpnt is defeated. After the battle run in the portal room you'll see a portal but sadly it will disappear and you'll automatically fail the mission. There's nothing you can do but go back to Tixiz Dome and share the bad news to the Operator that Lucca and Robo are stuck in the Reptite future timeline which they're stranded in. Afterwards Lucca and Robos story will end and the story sequence will end. Transfer the equipment for Crono, Magus and Glenn.

An Emerald Dream Pt. 3[edit source]

Crono, Magus and Glenn will wake up in the year 1000 AD in a Jungle in the Reptites timeline. You'll get ambushed by Gigasaur, Shitake, fight them until they're defeated. Go left and get Lapis and Cabrakan. You'll encounter Lizardactyls and other enemies, go down the vine and exit south and you'll come across a Reptite village square. Go to the save point and save your game. Then go right and up and go to the Reptite arena and talk to Coyopa the Dino leader twice and he will explain that he is a time traveler from the future and that humans went extinct after their leader Cedric was killed in 1 AD. Talk to Coyopa and he will invite you to join the arena contest, choose yes and you will watch Vicks and Wedge fight and the cave ape. You will then fight in the arena and fight against Cave Ape round 1, Gigasaur round 2 and 2 Gigasaur and Cave Ape. They'll be easy to take down if you use lightning to lower their defense and use sword attacks and tech spells. After 3 rounds, Coyopa will declare victory to your team and invite them to meet them at Peace Canyon. Talk to the Gigasaur and he will give you Shadeshawl. Go down and go left, then go up and fight Lizardactyls and open 2 chests to get 1500 gold, and 1 Elixir. Enter into the Coyopa cave and you'll have a meeting discussion with Coyopa and Yaluk and learn they are time travelers who witness history but not interfere with it. Crono, Magus and Glenn will lie to them about being space travelers. After the meeting is over go outside and talk to the reptite and he'll tell you to go to the smithy located in the west area. At this point you'll want to do the Smithy side quest.

Go all the way down and go left in the Reptite square village and save your game at the save point. Go left one screen and go up until you reach the inn, go inside and go in the back door and you'll meet the reptite named Smithy, talk to him and you'll learn he doesn't like time travelers and will offer to help your party members. He'll ask the team to fight the beasts so his men can gather materials to forge elemental armor.

Go right and fight Cave Ape and Beetle until they're defeated, go in the bushes to find a Power Tab, then go up and you'll be ambushed by 2 Cave Apes, fight them until they're defeated, then go up to a dead-end pond and fight Cave Ape, Beetle 2 Octobino fight them until they're defeated. Open the left chest to get a Mid-Ether and over to the right is a hidden Power Tab to get. Go all the way down and go left and go up to the inn and go in the back door and save your game at the save point. Talk to Smithy and he'll tell you his men can take care of the rest and have Crono, Magus and Glenn turn in for the night. Later that night Crono, Magus, and Glenn will have a meeting about Dinopolis and about the Masamune changing history and the concern about Magus reuniting with his sister Schala. The next morning, talk to Smithy and he will give you Cyan Armor, Cloud Cloak

Note: There's an unintended useful glitch in the game that you can exploit, which will actually boosts Magus Double Tap Tech. Go to the menu and go to Magus armor section and pick Cyan Armor for him to equip which absorbs water damage. When he uses Double Tap tech, It will cause him to do over 8800 HP damage twice resulting in 17,600 HP damage and ignoring defense. This glitch will help Magus out in the hard boss fights and enemies with high defenses and at the Coliseum and make Magus a powerhouse even more so than Ayla and Crono.

Head all the way down and go right to the Reptites village square and save your game, go down and go right and you'll meet with Porre Cyborg and they'll have a meeting and discuss their plan on getting to the time portal in Dinopolis. The cyborg is named Sorin. Follow him into the tower entrance. You'll fight 2 reptite guards. After you defeat them, they'll run away. enter into the dino head door and go downstairs to the prison cell and Crono will be shocked and angered at the discovery of a dead skeleton remains of Marle with a pendent. Crono will get revenge at 2 reptite guards and go berserk and kill them in revenge. Afterwards he swears and use profanity at Magus and Glenn and tells him his frustration and that they need to go to the time portal.

Go back upstairs and go in the dino head door to the right or left depending on what Marle did in the past. to the right go up, right down and go left and up to the staircase. Go up the right hallway and the right open door and up the staircase, go down the narrow hallway to a save point and save your game. Go in the arena room and jump down and you'll meet Coyopa. Crono will lose his temper and Coyopa will call his reptite guards. You'll fight 5 Reptites in round 1, 2 Gigasaur and Lizardactyl in round 2, 3 reptites and 2 Gigasur in round 3. After you defeat the enemies Coyopa will feel threaten and Magus will reveal that he lied about being space travelers. Coyopa will retreat in the portal room, follow him up the door, you'll meet with Yaluk and Coyopa who you'll fight. After they get defeated. Sorin the cyborg will show up and go in the time portal, Crono, Magus and Glenn will follow him back to 64,999,995 BC the moment when the Dragon Tooth changed history. Sorin will active self destruct mode and run over to the dragon tooth and blow it up killing himself. Crono, Magus, Glenn will encounter King Zeal and you have a choice, to fight the king or save Ayla. Choose to save Ayla because she is a powerful ally. The spell will be disrupted and King Zeal will run away. The agent will run over to Ayla and they'll take her to Aylas hut for Schala to heal her. Ayla cannot join you at this time and Schala will tell them she'll take care of Ayla.

The Stain of Regency[edit source]

There's nothing you can do but go back to the Mystic Mountains and go in the time portal back to the year 2305 AD. Talk to Belthasar and he will explain that Marle is still stuck in the past in 1 AD but that she should be okay. Go down the elevator and rest in the infirmary.

The Founding of Guardia[edit source]

Meanwhile in 1 AD the reptite timeline is broken and Marle will be in Astur Hill when there is snow on the ground. Marle will wake up and she will be greeted by 2 Guardia soldiers and Cedric the executor and invite her to meet them at camp. This is also the toughest scenario since Marle is the weakest character in design which also the worst part in the game. Make sure Marle equips Rage Band. Go down the screen and get Shield, Mid Ether and Power Seal. Exit down and you'll be in the overworld of 1 AD.

Before you head to the battlefield make sure you buy a bow and arrow Hoarfrost and get cured, also save your game. Then go in the battlefield, head up one screen and you'll enter the battlefield war zone. Run up and save the Guardia soldier fighting the Porreguard and cast Ice spells on him. Then run up to the chest fighting PorreGuard and get the elixir, run right and down and you'll fight Avianchaos and Porreguard and 2 Porreguard. Talk to Kilwala to get a Mid-Ether. Run down the screen and you'll meet Cedric who is now a captain of the guards instead of the surviving fugitive in Reptites timeline. Cedric will discuss with Marle on how he is going to kill Antaeus. He will ask Marle for help to defeat the Heckran, choose yes and run down to fight the boss Heckran and 2 Porreguards. Cast Ice 2 spell until Heckran and 2 Porreguards is defeated. After the battle get Mid-Tonic and go to the save point and save your game. Then run right and you'll meet up with Cedric and Antaeus who will duel with each other. It turns out Cedric had the frozen flame power and Antaeus is trying to stop him. The Porreguard will try to ambush Cedric and Marle will shoot him down but distracts Cedric and Antaeus steals the frozen flame. Marle will question whether she interfered with history and Antaeus will transform into an Omnicrom boss. She will fight Antaeus. Cast Ice 2 until he is defeated. After the battle Cedric will grab the frozen flame and invite Marle to visit his tent. After the war is won have Marle examine the tree to get a speed tab in the dead end area.

Exit out of the Battlefield from the way you came in and you meet Cedric and the Soldier having a conversation. Once Cedric leaves the soldier will reveal to Marle that he is Agent 12 from the future. Go down and exit out in the overworld. Before you leave, stop by Cedric's hut. Afterwards go to Astur Hill and go up until you reach the time portal Agent 12 will escort Marle who will enter into it with him. Marle will go to 2305 AD in Chronopolis.

The Gray Forgotten[edit source]

Talk to Belthasar and save your game. Go down the elevator and in the infirmity to talk with Crono who's with Magus, Glenn, who Marle will be reunited with. Crono will explain what happened and how he restored the timeline and Robo and Lucca and Belthasar will come in the room, and they'll have a discussion about the civil war against the Central Regime and about the time traveler Xamoltan and that they're threating nuclear war against the Central Regime. After the meeting is over, go up the elevator and exit Chronopolis. Head over left west to the underground station. And go down to the Central Regime castle and talk to the captain of the guard and he will explain the situation concerning the underground rebellion and will invite you to join the fight against the rebels. Choose yes and you will jump down on the rebel base into one of the rooms. Go down the ladder and go up in the door under you go in the main room. Attack Krawlie and Proto 3 and defeat them. Then check the display information which will tell you about the cooling room and power room. Go right to the east area and you'll fight Krawlie and Proto 3 and defeat them. Go in the east door conveyor belt room, there is a Speed Tab located in the Missile facility on the right side. Exit out of the room and go down and fight Krawlie and Proto 3 again, there is an elixir in the chest. Go up the ladder on the second floor, go down south to the cooling room, shut off the cooling power and you'll be ambushed by Krawlie, Display and Proto 3 which you defeat as usual. After you defeat them, a Reptite leader named Cakulha will talk to the party and will ask a question "Why did you destory my world?" which you have 3 answers to choose from

  • The human world existed first.
  • To return to prehistory.
  • To pursue a great evil, King Zeal.

Choose the third answer and he will disappear. Then exit the room, go up and left and down the ladder to the first floor. Go down in the Southwest corner, go up the ladder on the second floor, go right and go down into the computer backup power control room and you'll fight Proto and Display and defeat them, then shutoff the backup power. Cakulha will appear again and talk to the party and will ask a question "What happens to those in erased timelines?" which you have 3 answers to choose from

  • They painlessly never existed.
  • They are killed.
  • They return to the planet's dream.

Choose the third answer and he will disappear. Go up out of the door and go back down the ladder to the first floor. Check the display monitor until it says Cooling system not in use, Backup power not in use. Go up north in the door and open the left chest to get Dreamguard Go up the door again and you'll be ambushed by 2 Krawlies and defeat them, there is a save point which you can save your game. Go up the north door and talk to the reptite leader Cakulha and he will ask you a question "What is your true aim?"

  • To protect the timeline.
  • To stop those who threaten peace.
  • To ensure the planet's safety.

Choose the third answer and Cakulha will come to his senses and agree to stop the nuclear missile launch, but not before a rebel Krawlie turns against Cakulha and kills him. Fight Krawlie and display and defeat them. Go to the computer and you'll find out you can't stop the missile launch as it already launched in the air. But then a cutscene shows Agent 12 in the flying car Epoch comes to the rescue and fires the laser on the missile and blows it up and brings the Epoch for landing. The party will report back to captain of the guard and you'll be rewarded a measly 2500 Gold.

Animal-Like Persistence[edit source]

Exit the castle and go to the station and go back to Chronopolis and talk to Belthasar. Go down the elevator and talk to Glenn and you'll have a meeting with Belthasar which Glenn with lead the party. At this point in the game the player can get in a flying car time machine called Epoch which they can travel around time locations except for 2305 or End of Time. You can do sidequest missions if you want. Otherwise go to the year 64,999,995 BC and go to Aylas hut and talk to Schala.

There is a Speed Tab which can be got by Kiwala. You need to pester him until he gives the player one.

The Glare of Midnight[edit source]

Stop the Porre Lab![edit source]

Once More Unto the Breach[edit source]

Born in Sin, Die in Sin[edit source]

The Dreamtime[edit source]

Dalton's Last Stand[edit source]

Let Us Part in Zealous Regret[edit source]

Dreaming Across Time[edit source]

Where Dreams Go to Die[edit source]

Ending[edit source]

Side Quests[edit source]

Coliseum Guide[edit source]

Early on in the game, once you arrive in 2305 AD, there's a side quest at the Coliseum which will easily allow the player to get many prizes including Dream Team accessory which will give an auto life for the user that equips it, it also has Crono's most powerful sword in the game which the player can easily get early on in the game, also they can get Elixir and MegaElixir and Full Ether's early on in the game.

Tip: The player can easily level up quickly and get 496 exp points and 60 Tech points early on in the game by choosing hard mode and fighting 3 Nus and quitting right afterwards for 8 BP. Level up your characters and your game will be much easier to play through.

Arena Modes

  • Easy Mode- Round 1 Blue Imp 1 BP
  • Medium Mode- Round 1 Blue Scout, Yellow Scout, Red Scout 5 BP
  • Hard Mode- Round 1 Nu 8 BP, Round 2 Spekkio

BP prizes

  • Full Tonic 5 BP
  • Ether 10 BP
  • Full Ether 20 BP
  • Elixir 40 BP
  • MegaElixir 80 BP
  • Dream Team 160 BP
  • Rainbow 250 BP

Johnny Trading Sequence[edit source]

Choras Auction House[edit source]

Early on in the game there is an auction where you can get prizes including

  • Mid-Ether
  • Dash Ring
  • Magic Seal

The Magic Seals will help boost your party members magic attack power including Crono, Glenn, Robo, Ayla. The Dash Ring will help slow party members including Robo, Lucca, Marle boost their gauge wait bar. The Mid-Ethers are much cheaper here than anywhere else. Warning, do not run up to the red chest between two people or else you will get stuck and the game will glitch and will be forced to reset from the last save point.

Choras Casino Guide[edit source]

In the Casino you get to play the character slots, Blackjack and roulette to win more Gold. You'll get a "Wallet" accessory and next door if Lucca is leading the party she'll get to play the shooting gallery game. Personally, I wouldn't bother with the Casino games since it doesn't have rewards other than winning more gold and isn't rewarding and a waste of time, You're better off fighting at the Coliseum in the 2305 AD.

Tabans Orphan[edit source]

After the Guardia Invasion 1005 AD. For this side quest to open, you'll need to play through the Guardia Invasion sequence. After the invasion is over have Lucca lead the party and head over to the ruins of Leene Square and go to the upper left corner to talk to the homeless orphan boy. He will run away head over in Fionia Forest, he will get ambushed by monsters in the forest. Fight the monsters which are easily defeated. Afterwards go to Luccas house and talk to the orphaned boy and he will give Elecktra armor for Lucca.

Mondor Forest[edit source]

Agent Father Forest Maze Sequence[edit source]

Go to Choras Dome in 2305 AD and talk to the father and he will tell you his son Agent 9 is missing in prehistory. Go to the Epoch 2 time machine and go to 64,999,995 BC and fly right over to the Forest Maze. You can land in one spot. Land the Epoch 2 and enter Forest Maze. There are no enemies, since this is a confusing maze, there's a shortcut: Up the vines, left over the log, down the vines, then up the left-hand path to talk to Agent 9 who explains that he fell in love with a cavewoman and lost his datacube, but a reptite might be able to find it. Bring Ayla to see Yaluk in Singing Mountain. Go back to the Forest Maze to get the datacube. Go back in the Epoch 2 and go to the year 2305 in Chronopolis to meet with Belthasar in the basement. He will say it's okay to bring Agent 9 with his cavewoman girlfriend to 2305 AD. Go back to 64,999,995 BC and talk to Agent 9 and he will give you AgeanHide armor for Ayla and go to 2305 AD with his cavewoman in Chronopolis.

Characters[edit source]

  • Crono
  • Marle
  • Lucca
  • Magus
  • Robo
  • Glenn
  • Ayla

Tech[edit source]

Shops[edit source]

Items[edit source]

  • Tonic- Restores 50 HP.
  • Mid Tonic- Restores 200 HP.
  • Full Tonic- Restores 500 HP.
  • Lapis- Restores 200 HP to all allies.
  • Ether- Restores 10 MP.
  • Mid Ether- Restores 30 MP.
  • Full Ether- Restores 60 MP.
  • Hyper Ether- Restores all MP.
  • Heal- Restores Status.
  • Elixir- Restores all HP/MP for one ally
  • MegaElixir- Restores all HP/MP for all allies.
  • Shelter- Restores all HP/MP for all allies at a Save Point.
  • Barrier- Reduces magic damage by 1/3.
  • Shield- Reduces physical damage by 1/3.
  • Power Tab- Permanently adds one point to Power stat.
  • Magic Tab- Permanently adds one point to Magic stat.
  • Speed Tab- Permanently adds one point to Speed stat.

Key Items[edit source]

  • Package
  • Moldybread
  • Gate Key
  • Woodenspoon
  • WoodenIdol
  • Drum Part

Weapons[edit source]

Crono[edit source]

  • Rainbow- 70% critical rate chance.

Marle[edit source]

Lucca[edit source]

  • Zonker8000- Causes Random Stop on Machines.

Magus[edit source]

Robo[edit source]

Glenn[edit source]

Ayla[edit source]

Armor[edit source]

  • AgeanHide
  • Elecktra armor

Accessories[edit source]

  • Amulet- All Protects Status
  • Bandana- All Speed +1
  • Black Rock- Marle, Lucca, and Magus Unlocks Dark Eternal Triple Tech
  • Blue Rock- Lucca, Robo, and Magus Unlocks Omega Flare Triple Tech
  • Dash Ring- All Speed +3
  • Defender- All Vigor +2
  • Gold Erng- All Max HP +50%
  • Gold Rock- Frog, Robo, Marle Unlocks Grand Dream Triple Tech
  • Gold Stud- All MP Cost -75%
  • GreenDream- All Revives you once per battle if you die
  • Hit Ring- All Strike +10
  • Magic Ring- All Magic +6
  • MagicScarf- All Magic +2
  • Magic Seal- All Magic and Magic Defense +5
  • MuscleRing- All Vigor +6
  • PowerGlove- All Power +2
  • Power Ring- All Power +6
  • PowerScarf- All Power +4
  • Power Seal- All Power and Stamina +10
  • Rage Band- All 50% chance of counter-attack
  • Ribbon- All Strike +2
  • SightScope- All See enemy HP
  • SilverErng- All Max HP +25%
  • Silver Rock- Robo, Frog, and Ayla Unlocks Spin Strike Triple Tech
  • SilverStud- All MP Cost -50%
  • Speed Belt All Speed +2
  • Wall Ring- All Magic Defense +10
  • Wallet- All Turns Exp. earned into Gold
  • White Rock- Marle, Lucca, and Ayla Unlocks Poyozo Dance Triple Tech

Tab Locations[edit source]

1005 AD[edit source]

Magic Tab found in Fiona Forest Power Tab in Porre Mayors Manor on the first-floor dining room table. A set of Magic Tabs examine the bush in Lucca's House, given after viewing the Zeality's Dream sequence and starting New Game Plus.

605 AD[edit source]

Speed Tab Declare Neutrality and examine the deceased enemy.

2305 Reptite Timeline[edit source]

Speed Tab

1 AD[edit source]

Speed Tab After the war is won, examine the tree in the dead-end area.

2305[edit source]

Speed Tab located in the Missile facility in one of the rooms.

64,999,995 BC[edit source]

Speed Tab Singing Mountain waterfall, Kiwala. You need to pester Kiwala until he gives the player a Speed tab.

Secrets[edit source]

  • Get Rainbow Sword for Crono: Early on in the game you can win BP points at the coliseum, to do this choose to fight Hard mode as a group. You'll fight 3 Nus and if you defeat them, you'll get 8 BP. And if you have Lucca fight alone with the Flare spell you can win 16 BP. The Rainbow sword costs 250 BP and is the most powerful sword ever.
  • Equip Cyan Armor on Magus use Double Tap to deal over 8800 damage: You can make Magus the use the most powerful spell Double Tap. You'll need to equip Cyan Cover armor for Magus which absorbs water. You'll be able to easily deal pierce damage against any enemies as long as they don't block your physical attack. Be warned, however if you fight in the coliseum sometimes the handicap will make Magus equip bad armor and his attack power will go down.

Bugs and Glitches[edit source]

  • Character gets stuck between the treasure chest at the Choras Auction House: Warning Save your game before performing this glitch. Early on in the game, there is a game breaking glitch which can cause your character to get stuck between 2 people on the chest. To do this run right up to the treasure chest between 2 people and then your character will be trapped in the treasure chest. There is no way out and you'll have to reset your game from the last save point.
  • Robo's tackle tech will will lock the game: Warning Save your game before performing this glitch. Early on in the game, if you have Robo in your party, have him perform the Steel Crash Tackle tech. Sometimes the game will lock up at random which will freeze the game. There is no way out and you'll have to reset the game from the last save point. Do not perform the Steel Crash Tackle tech and you should be able to get through the game.
  • Character gets stuck in the trees after the random enemy encounter in Mondor Forest 605 AD: Warning Save your game before performing this glitch. After getting Epoch 2 go to the year 605 AD in Choras town. Head over to Mondor Forest where you actually face enemy random encounters. Run right along and against the top of the tree and the random encounter will happen. After you defeat the enemies or run away. Your character will actually get stuck in the tree. There is no way out and you'll have to reset your game from the last save point.
  • Spekkio Coliseum Hard Mode Round 5 graphical corruption glitch: Warning Save your game before performing this glitch since it can corrupt your game. If you choose to fight Hard Mode you'll be fighting Nus and also against Spekkio's Omnicrone and Pink Nu forms. When you choose Round 5, you'll fight 3 Spekkio's forms 2 Omnicrone and 1 Pink Nu. If Omnicorne casts the fire spell, sometimes the graphics in the game will go corrupt rendering it unreadable and unplayable. Reset the game if this happens. To avoid this glitch quickly use Magus Double Tap tech on the Omnicrone to the right and left if he's still wearing the Cyan Armor and you should be able to finish Round 5, 6 or 7.
  • Epoch 2 Time gauge time error: When you get the Epoch 2, when you enter the time destination, it will read 65,000,000 BC, 12,000 BC, 600 AD, 1000 AD and 2302 AD. This is because when this game was made the team forgot to fix the time gauges for the time periods which are actually 64,999,995 BC, 19,995 BC, 605 AD, 1005 AD, 2305 AD. Also when they changed it to 2302 AD, it was originally going to take place in 1002 AD but changed to 1005 AD for the DS update. It's not game breaking so you'll be able to continue playing just fine.
  • Multiple Ending Game Plus save glitch screen freezes the game: Be warned this glitch will cause you to lose the items you've earned in the game. There is a glitch in the game when you beat the main story and also with the other multiple endings you find in Laras bush in the house. When you beat the main story and also view the ending. The credits will play as unfinished as this is the beta version. After The End shows up on screen, the message will ask if you want to save the game. Accept save and the next time you play the save plus file. The opening with Marle and Cronos night out will play, but the screen will lock up forcing the player to reset the game. It will cause Crono to end up at the Where Dreams Go to Die final level alone. You can fix this glitch by simply choosing game plus save to write over the save but you'll lose the items you earned in the earlier game. You can get Magic tabs if you choose Zeality's Dream sequence, but you'll lose the items you earned in the previous save file. It's best to do this if you want to start over on a new save file and get Magic Tabs for Crono, Frog, Robo, Ayla.
  • Tyranny's disease glitch screen freezes the game: Warning, choosing this ending Tyranny's Disease will freeze at the battle of Glenn and Kasmir. There is a glitch when the player views the ending. When Glenn has a meeting with Roget the scene with Kasmir will show up but it will get locked up. You'll be forced to reset this game since the ending cannot finish playing out.