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""I'm gonna kick you so hard you'll kiss the moons!""
―Kid's famous line, Chrono Cross

""Come to me, Assasin of Time.....THE CHRONO TRIGGER!""
―Lynx to Serge, Chrono Cross

""A toast to my coming victory!""
―Guile to the party, Chrono Cross

""Is that all I really desired this whole time?"
―Norris, Chrono Cross

""Marvelous... It's a truly marvelous tone... It brings out light and darkness within me clearly!""
―Nikki, Chrono Cross

""My complements on getting past my security.""
―Viper to Serge, Kid, and party, Chrono Cross

""It is amazing.....This sword never rusts, even in the rain...."
―Riddel to Glenn, Chrono Cross

Ok, I am starting a Chrono Cross Club, so any Chrono Cross fans come on and check it out! User:Vivi_Zidane02/Chrono Cross Club.

About me[edit | edit source]

I don't want anyone to know who I am. I am a cool Final Fantasy Wiki dude and Chrono Wiki dude. I have Chrono Trigger and am about to get Chrono Cross. Alfador and Ozzie's Pages are down there.

My Team Pages[edit | edit source]

So here's the deal. Kupohunter(Rick Astley) and Zeypher, and other people, come here to join my team and see all the other pages!

Arena for the Ages[edit | edit source]

I'm interested in Arena of the Ages, and I got this template from Kupohunter, so if you'd like, pass it on.

Edit my profile to see how you do it.(I don't mean literally edit my profile, just to see the thing) or see Kupohunter.

The Arena is closed!

Don't worry, folks, it'll be back. Spekkio is just on a time-travel expedition now, and can't update enough.

You can still suggest your own fights!