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What Lies Beyond

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

What Lies Beyond is the twenty-second chapter in Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Crono, and two others (Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, and/or Ayla) has rescued Melchior, and are returned to the Earthbound Ones Village. When they get there, Melchior talks about Lavos, the Mammon Machine, and Queen Zeal. In a little while, a villager appears, and tells the Elder, that Schala has arrived. Schala walks into the room with Janus. Schala tells Melchior when the Mountain of Woe fell, she'll knew she finds him. But then, she says the Ocean Palace is complete, but without her, the Mammon Machine is no more than a vessel, she'll not activate it again. She also left the Skyway open, and she un-sealed the Time Gate. After Schala tells the others to stop Zeal, Dalton arrives in the room, threats Melchior, and takes Schala hostage. After the party was trying to stop him, he says he'll be happy to take the life of Schala, he does not fear the Queen. But then, Dalton takes Schala back to the palace, and Janus runs away back home. Melchior, and the Elder talk a bit, about having no more hope left, Crono won't let that happen. He'll stop her. Melchior gives Crono a Ruby Knife, made from the Dreamstone (seen in the Prehistory as well), and if they put the knife on the Mammon Machine, it'll shut down for good. Time to go rescue Schala, stop the Queen, and destroy the Mammon Machine. Guess you are going to oppose the Queen after all. Take the same path as you took from The Magic Kingdom chapter, back to the Zeal Palace.

Tip: On Kajar, the Nu that sells the items, will ask is that Schala's Pendant. Be sure to say no, and it'll sell. It won't sell if you say yes, or else it won't sell anything.

Back in the Queen's throne room, Dalton is pissed, because the Prophet gets to go down to the Ocean Palace, while he guards. Then Dalton grins, and says that the party has come, he was gonna leave them alone trying to make sure the Prophet showed his true colors, but he has no more use to them. Time for an epic battle with Dalton. After you have defeated Dalton, he'll flee to the Ocean Palace.

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