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West Cape

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West Cape
West Cape.png
Japanese name 西の岬
Time Period Present (1000 A.D.)
Notable Inhabitants Toma's Spirit
Chapter(s) Played In The Rainbow Shell

West Cape (西の岬 nishi no misaki?) is a location in Chrono Trigger, appearing in the Present.


Overlooking the sea, a finger of grassland resides due West of Choras. Here lies the explorer Toma Levine. A headstone appears at the ledge of the Cape, adorned with flowers and a sweet eulogy. Had Crono spoken to Toma in a Cafe in the town of Choras (600 A.D.), he would have acquired a bottle of Toma's favorite spirit (Soda in the SNES versions of the game). Since Toma instructed Crono to pour the remaining contents of the bottle on his grave, Crono obliges and consequentially summons the ghost of Toma. As a final bequest of the deceased treasure-hunter, Toma reveals the final resting place of the Rainbow Shell and asks the party to locate the artifact. While Toma is still living (600 A.D.), West Cape is covered by forests and is totally inaccessible.