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Walkthrough:Chrono Cross/Zeypher/~Another World~ Lizard Rock

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Cross follow. Continue at your own risk.

~Another World~ Lizard Rock is the fourth part of the Chrono Cross walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough[edit source]

thumb|left Watch the events at Opassa Beach with Leena. If you want to get her final technique "MaidenFaith" later in the game, answer that Serge does "remember the day" and "we'll never forget this day!!" after that. This will be enough to get the tech, although there's a 3rd one later in case y'screw this part up.

After some awesome scenes, listen to the best line in the game ("Do you think Leena thpontaneouthry combuthted?") before re-entering Lizard Rock.

This place is a little different than before, but it's layout is the same so one who scoured the last time should be able to navigate it easily. A few Opah Fish now make this place their home...where'd all the beach bums go? :p

Everything north of Lizard Rock appears the same as well...

This somber-lookin' place is pretty much the same as before. Crack open a chest for an ELECTROJOLT element and see the @BONE container up above the BeachBums. Odd how you can't check out what's written on a tombstone, though...
OPTIONAL: Hydra Marshes
For some reason, the once-beautiful swamp is now full of poisonous mire, with some humans here. Walking in the water drains all characters health by -2 HP per step. If you can brave the area, there's a TABLET to find in the first screen, a BUSHWHACKER element in the one north of there, and an ELECTROJOLT if you keep taking the screens west of the entrance. At the western dead end, a man will give Serge the SAFETY GEAR key item that allows them to walk through the marsh without taking damage.

Head to Arni Village when you're done exploring.

  • Items/Elements: Feather, Bone, Ivory Helmet, Electrojolt, Tablet, Safety Gear, Bushwhacker
  • Enemies: Opah Fish, SandSquirt, Komodo Pup
Chrono Cross Video Walkthrough
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