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Walkthrough:Chrono Cross/Zeypher/~Another World~ Arni Village

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Cross follow. Continue at your own risk.

~Another World~ Arni Village is the fifth part of the Chrono Cross walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough[edit source]


Seems normal, but... Hmm. Visit the shop [SH02] to see new wares and head to the cafe. Get an ICELANCE element from the "pot" and a TABLET behind the backroom's curtain. Mosey over to the joyless chief's house afterwards. Find a [TURN RED] element in the bucket by the porch; inside, steal a TABLET from behind a painting.

Over at Poshul's house (the one overlooking the pier), the player can score another PHOTONRAY element in the teapot. Go into Serge's House to see some commentary from Poshul. Search our protagonist's room (or is it?) for a MAGMABOMB element, and sleep if you need to. The komodo pup'll charge you 100G when you're done, complaints accepted. >__>

Talk to Leena at the pier when done, and she'll direct Serge towards Cape Howl. "See you later...stranger." Time to scoot up there.

  • Items/Elements: IceLance, Tablet, TurnRed, Tablet, PhotonRay, MagmaBomb
  • Enemies: None

REMINDER: Make sure you fight regular battles to get those extra stat gains!

Hmm, creepy red sunset this time. Anyway, short section to trudge through... There's two chests here, containing an ELECTROJOLT and @BONE bounty. Head north towards the cliff outlook and read the headstone there. A fat knight'll kick Poshul over the bluff and commence battle with his cronies. Lucky for them, a fiesty chicky will team up with Serge to do battle.

Chrono Cross Video Walkthrough
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