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"I am the Mega Sean 45! Or Mega Sean the Great! You could also call me #1 Man, Mega Sean the Super, Just Mega Sean, Brah, Echo the Demon Frog, or Glen." - Mega Sean 45

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Mega Sean 45
The God of the Fiends
Home Time Antiquity, Middle Ages, Present, Future
Home Area Mega Citadel
Family Dalton (couson)
Ozzie (nephew)
Eliskuya (Geart-Geart yongear brother from the Present)
Gender Male

Mega Sean 45 is the God of the Fiends, and the creater of the Golems. He is also a boss that appears in his Citadel. He is seen usually out of the Citadel, without being a boss, just spawning enemies. He was born when the Antiquity started. He is also friends with Doctor Hax.

I used to have some info on my soldiers on here, but they've been moved to my sandbox, let's make some sand castles, brahs, or at least sand fortresses I call them now.

Creation Pages[edit]

CT Achievements I made up[edit]

Are you one of Crono's Friends? Get every playable character to meet Crono's mommy.

Oh no! My pendant! Meet Marle.

My Name Ain't Crono! Give Crono a different player name.

Hmm, yummy old age stuff! Eat some meals at the Guardia Castle in the Middle Ages.

One hungry pussy Win some food for Crono's cat.

Princess and the Frog Get Marle to meet Frog in the Middle Ages the first time you're there.

Enough of this Chancellor charade! Defeat Yakra, and rescue the real Chancellor.

Oh great Magus! Find the statue of Magus in the Cathedral.

I'm the Hulk! Find every Strength Capsule in Chrono Trigger.

I'm Harry Potter! Find every Magic Capsule in Chrono Trigger.

I'm The Flash! Find every Speed Capsule in Chrono Trigger.

The Chambers of Secrets Find both secret rooms at Zeal.

A tiny little sappling throughout the ages Tell the lady at the Zeal Palace to grow the plant in secret.

Good Morning! Meet Robo.

FYI I am a Spy Knock out all of the of Royal Guards at the Prison Towers (besides the ones at your cell, the bridge, or Warden's Room).

Another great defensive gear for my beautiful daughter Lucca! Get all of the Taban supplys from Taban.

I saved my mommy from the past! Rescue Lara from Taban's dangerous machine.

Reptite? At Crono's age? Chase Green Ambler in the race, using Ayla.

Yes, I want all of their treasures! Open every treasure chest in the Reptite Lair.

Time to go camping with a Kilwala Find the hidden Shelter in the Guardia Forest in the Middle Ages.

Tech Master Unlock all Techs, including Double, and Triple Techs.

An enemy a friend Have Magus join the party.

The mysterious seal Shut down the seal at the Forest Ruins near Medina Village.

Marle gives the King his "favorite" food Get Marle to give her dad a Spiced Jerkey.

So... that's how the world got destroyed Get to the Mainframe at Arris Dome.

Robo's evil brothers Kill the R-Series robots at Derelict Factory.

No, I'm the master of war! Defeat Spekkio in a battle.

Aww, to cute to destroy Don't let Marle kill any Imps, or Kilwalas in the whole game.

Battle of the Bridge Defeat Zombor.

Obtained the Masamune, kinda Defeat Masa and Mune.

Frogs can use magic? Have Frog learn magic.

I'm the true Hero! Have Frog wear the Hero's Badge for the whole game (if the Hero's badge isn't obtained, it doesn't count).

I'm keeping track of your losing, babe! Defeat Johnny in a race, using Rx-xR.

Grand Theft Lunch: Steal the old man's lunch at Leene Square.

Don't I have a great lawyer?: Let all the juiors think Crono as not guility.

Don't just...leave me behind!: Let the R Series beat Robo up and then save him (if Lucca is in the team,well Marle doesn't count).

(more coming soon)


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