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I bought the original Chrono Trigger game when it first came out in 1995. It was $70 at Toys 'R Us. Best video game I ever bought. A few years later, when I had migrated to other game consoles, I sold the cartridge to my neighbor for $35. Now then, when I say I sold it, I mean ALL of it: the cartridge, the manual, the maps, and the box itself. (I'm a bit of a pack-rat.) Little did I realize that little treasure could have netted me a lot more to the right collector.

Several years later, around 2002-2003, I finally bought Final Fantasy Chronicles. To this day, I STILL haven't played it more than a few minutes. Seeing the only real changes to the game being the cover-up of those clever little sprite-animated cutscenes (which I LOVE, btw) with uber-short FMVs, it was not enough to get me interested again. As a matter of fact, it actually turned me off the game for a while.

In 2008, I bought the re-re-release of Chrono Trigger (DS). I only got into playing it early the next year. I didn't realize they had added so much to the game. I've been playing it for quite a while, now. I had almost forgotten what a great game this is. It is an added plus that you can turn off the FMVs. Even though I am a serious fan of all of Toriyama's work and enjoy the art and production that went into the FMVs, they feel as though they have taken something away from the game by covering up the in-game scenes animated with sprites only.

I also have the Greatest Hits release of Chrono Cross, which I am ashamed to say I have STILL not completed. Knowing that the story is a lot more involved than I had originally seen, I may get back into it as soon as I'm finished with Chrono Trigger DS.

I plan to contribute as much as possible to this wiki. You may have already seen some of the changes I have made to compress some of this information (i.e., not having separate articles for a character and the same in-game enemy of that character).