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Timeline of Chrono Cross

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This article details the timeline if Chrono Cross. The first timeline details events prior to the dimensional schism. The next two detail events in the separate universes following the schism. After that, there are details on any other universes that exist.

Timeline prior to Schism[edit]

  • 2300 AD - Belthasar arrives from 12,000 BC. As it is a thriving place instead of a post-apocalyptic ruin, he creates the Time Research Lab. In the following years, the TRL builds Chronopolis in an artificial archipelago which becomes known as the Sea of Eden, while Belthasar concludes its Neo-Epoch and goes time-travelling.
  • 2400 AD - Chronopolis attempts its Counter-Time Experiment, an effort to use the power of the Frozen Flame to master control of time. This backfires into the Time Crash, sending Chronopolis 15000 years back in time.

Timeline of Home World[edit]

Timeline of Another World[edit]

Timeline of the Dimension Vortex[edit]