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Third Eye

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This article is about the accessory from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for the accessory Third Eye (Chrono Cross) from Chrono Cross.
Third Eye
Third Eye.png
Artwork from Chrono Trigger
Japanese Name サードアイ
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A third eye that helps avoid attacks.
Effect 2.5x evasion
Won From Nu in Hunting Range (Prehistory) (First time only)
Charmable Fiends Nizbel (Reptite Lair, Prehistory)
Nizbel II (Tyrano Lair, Prehistory)

Third Eye (サードアイ?) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It can be equipped by all characters. Doubling evasion (in reality, increasing evasion x2.5) of anyone who wears it, this accessory can be obtained in the Hunting Range after defeating the Nu that appears when it rains (note that this Nu only drops it the first time). Alternatively, it is attained by charming Nizbel and/or Nizbel II.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

In the lore of many cultures, a third eye represents precognitive ability, prophecy, and enlightenment. Seeing the future would assist the wearer with dodging attacks in combats; they would be able to predict their enemy's movements. Also, Azala, Queen of the Reptites to whom Nizbel is a lapdog, displays psychokinetic, telepathic, and precognitive abilities many times throughout the game. In anatomy, the third eye is a light-sensitive mass found in some reptiles, which is connected to the pineal gland and located in the back of the head. Some claim an association between the pineal gland and a sort of mystic "inner sight" even in humans.