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The Queen Returns

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The Queen Returns is the second chapter of Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After Crono's new friend Marle gets sucked into a strange portal, Crono goes after her. Crono appears in some strange canyon. After that, Crono finds himself surrounded by Blue Imps. Looks like this area has Fiends. After Crono defeats the Imps, he needs to escape from the Canyon. On the way out, Crono fights some Blue Imps that got dropped off by Blue Eaglets, and another two Blue Imps that are playing Roundillo Ball. After Crono escapes Truce Canyon, he finds himself in a familiar town. Take Crono to the buildings and find clues. Soon, he finds out that he is in the year 600 AD (otherwise known as the Middle Ages). Crono is in the middle of the army against the Magus' troops.

In Truce Inn, Crono finds an explore named Toma, if you buy him a drink, he'll tell you story about Queen Leene's disappearance. Toma thinks the Queen is in the Cathedral (a church found in the West near Guardia Forest), although Crono tells Toma that Queen Leene was already found in the Canyon (thats what two Soldiers in the Inn told him). Note: If you are going to Porre, don't bother, Zenan Bridge has been destroyed by some Fiends. Instead, go to the Guardia Castle, but beware the Fiends inside of the Forest: Green Imps, Roundillos, Blue Eaglets, and Roundillo Riders. When Crono gets to the Castle, the two Soldiers in the lobby started to tease Crono. But then, the Queen came and said, "That man is my friend, and you will treat him as such." Do you know that lady? Maybe. Anyways the Soldiers let you inside the Castle. When Crono heads to the Throne Room, he sees King Guardia XXI sitting on his throne. The King thinks, Crono saved the Queen, and is in his dept. If you try to take to the Chancellor (the King's helper), he'll just ignore you and walk off. If Crono catches up with the Chancellor, he says, "What do you want? Begone from here!" Note: While you're around the Castle, keep an eye out for Treasure, you might need the Bronze Armor, that's in the King's Bedroom. Once, you get Crono

to Queen Leene's bedroom, she tells her maids that she needs to talk to Crono in private. Then the Queen tells Crono, that she is Marle. She was wondering why everyone was calling her Leene. Then Marle smiles and thanks you coming after her. After the touching moment, Marle feels a bit strange. After a few seconds, she starts to disappear. Where did Marle go? Anyways, Crono walks pretty freaked out down the stairs, and finds Lucca. Crono tells Lucca that Marle disappeared. Lucca knew what was going on. Marle is really Princess Nadia, and is related to Queen Leene. If Queen Leene isn't found, before she gets killed, Marle would never existed, and stuff may go wrong back at the Present. Looks like it's time for a search and rescue mission, to find Queen Leene. Before you go, why don't you take a rest downstairs. The Commander says, talk to the Maid if you wish to rest, and/or go to the Dining Chambers and get something to eat. If you talk to the Master of Kitchens he'll tell you to leave the Kitchen. If you talk to him, the Commander appears, and asks for his food, very rudely. Then the Master of Kitchens just yells at him, then the Commander says, he lost his apatite. The Master of Kitchens and Commander yell at each other to much, really because, they are brothers that don't really get along. Well anyways, time is wasting! Time to save the Queen.

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