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The Hero Appears

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

The Hero Appears is the eleventh chapter of Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Crono is back on Truce Canyon in the Middle Ages, with the other two players (Lucca, Marle, and/or Robo). While Crono is in the Canyon, he'll encounter some Imp Hawks, and two more Green Imps playing Roundillo Ball. Around town, people have been talking about, this so called hero. When they get to Guardia Castle, they find out that King Guardia XXI is wounded, and Queen Leene is standing beside him, 24/7. In the Knight's Quarters, lots of Soldiers are wounded. Also, the Master of Kitchens has his hands full, trying to make some food to cure the King. When the players get to Zenan Bridge, the Commander, and his squad are trying to make sure no Fiends break through.

Note: This must take place, days or weeks after Queen Leene was saved, because Zenan Bridge was completely destroyed before.

The Commander says, there is no food, they're starving. Head back to the Castle and talk to the Chef. He'll refuse to give the food to Crono. When you're close to the door, the Master of Kitchens comes, and gives you a Spiced Jerky to give to the Troops, and gives Crono a Strength Capsule for himself. He says to Crono to give the Commander a message, "If you see that no good brother of mine, tell him he better come back alive." Go back to the Bridge, and give the Jerkey to the Commander. You'll see that two of the Troops that are guarding the Bridge are wounded. Another Soldier comes, and says Magus's troops have launched their attack, the Commander says just hold their position, we can't lose the Bridge. The Commander asks Crono for his help, say yes, and he'll give you a Golden Helm. Some Skeletons are seen on the bridge killing Soldiers. Some strange looking Fiend appears, and introduces himself as Ozzie, one of Magus's three Generals. Use Magic against the Skeletons. After Ozzie gets in a pickle, chase him to another part of the Bridge, and fight more Skeletons. After you defeat the Skeletons, and Ozzie gets in a pickle again, Ozzie glides to the end of the Bridge. Ozzie uses his Magic, and captures all the dead Skeletons, puts them together to create, Zombor. After Zombor is created, Ozzie flees. If you have Lucca, Fire, and Light can defeat the Lower Body. Ice, and Darkness can defeat the Upper Body. After Zombor is dead, you can check up on the Commander. He thanks you for the work, but if they don't defeat Magus, it's an empty victory. That's your next mission. There is a small town, called Dorino. You can go rest at the Inn, see Toma get money from the Elder so Toma can get the Rainbow Shell for him, let Toma tell you a story at the Inn, buy stuff at the Market, or trade a Naga Bromade (found in a drawer in the Manolia Cathedral) to the old man at the Residence for a Magic Capsule.

Note: From your first vist to the Middle Ages, in the Cathedral, there is a hidden Naga Bromade in the drawls, in the south-western part of the Fiend Outpost, the room with three Treasure Chests together.

There is another town called Porre (you probable been there in the Present), and there is more Markets, Inns, and the Tavern which is another location Toma is. Tata is the legendary hero, and his house can be seen, in the south-eastern part of Porre. Your main goal for now is to go to the Cursed Woods. The Cursed Woods contain, Edible Frogs, and Fangtooths. Be sure to find treasure in the woods as well. Behind the bushes in the North part of the forest, there is a little shelter place, with a bed. That is Frog's house, because he appears and greets Crono and the others. Once Crono tells him that King Guardia is wounded, Frog gets sad, and tells him to leave him alone for now. He also tells you, if you need to defeat Magus, he needs to legendary Masamune, a sword. He also needs the Hero's Badge, but Tata has it. Head to the Denadoro Mountains, to locate that sword.

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