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Tata And The Frog

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

Tata And The Frog is the 12th chapter in Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Crono is at the Denadoro Mountains in the Middle Ages, with two other players (Marle, Lucca, and/or Robo). While you are there, you'll encounter some Ogans, Ogans with hammers, Bellbirds, and Freelancers. While you are there, Tata (the hero) gets chased by Ogans, and tells the players to leave. That won't stop you from getting the Masamune for Frog. Keep on the look for Treasure.

Tip: If you see a Kilwala, talk to him four times, and he'll give you a Magic Capsule.

Note: That Kilwala could be the same one as the one in the Snail Stop in the Present.

Once you find the Masamune, there is a child inside the cave, saying he is the wind. He'll stop you from going to the Masamune, because there is another child behind the sword, saying they are the guardians of the Masamune. They're names are Masa & Mune. They will test you before you get to the sword, they turn into their normal models, and start fighting the three. Once both Masa and Mune are defeated, they want to fight them for real, so they go together, and change into a giant beast. Be sure to have Marle or Robo, because they can Cure you. Once Masa and Mune have been defeated, they will give up, then give you the sword. They give the players a ride back outside the Mountain. Go to Tata's house, and he'll tell the truth about him not being the hero. His Father gives Crono the Hero's Badge, and then you need to head back to Frog's Place. You can see, that he is still upset. Tata says, that a Frog-ish creature dropped the badge, so it could be Frog's Badge, Frog could be the Hero. Frog is still upset, because he says that won't do at all, he needs the entire Masamune, because the Masamune you found in the Mountains was only half of it part. A Trunk in Frog's house contains the other half of the Masamune. And it says the name Melchior, on it. Which means, you'll need to get to Melchior's Cabin in Medina Village in the Present. Once they get to Melchior's place, Melchior gets confused about why you have the Masamune. He can help them, make the blade whole again, if you find the Dreamstone. Although it's not available in this time anymore, it was around, long long ago.

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