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I really think we should rename this, and the other time eras, to their 'English' names, such as Prehistory, Antiquity, etc. And I strongly advocate using the DS names, rather than calling 12,000 BC Dark Ages. The rentranslation is simply more effective.

Stop changing Gate Key to Time Key[edit source]

Despite what some people might think, the item that Lucca invents in Chrono Trigger is called the Gate Key. It opens gates. Stop renaming the Gate Key to Time Key, it's simply incorrect.

I think it's called the Time Key in the SNES/PS versions (actually, it's never called the Time Key), but yes it should be the Gate Key as the DS translation is much better than the original. We should be using the DS translation.--Richardtalk 20:57, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Clean-up[edit source]

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This article really needs work. Heaps of wonderful language is hidden here, but we need to revive by splitting it into comprehensive categories (which I'll probably end up doing anyway). From the looks of it, Notable Locations and Culture would be two helpful categories. My second gripe is: this article seems more about the backstory and lives of the inhabitants. The scope of the story has been redirected from our time-traveling heroes -- that's fine. But we should expand more on the what Crono, Ayla, and the others do here and why. *steps off soapbox*