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Nu Arcana

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Nu Arcana
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Japanese Name ヌゥの奥義
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A scroll that sheds light on Nu mysteries.
Effect May instantly reduce opponent's HP to 1
Won From Arena of the Ages

Nu Arcana is an accessory in Chrono Trigger (DS). Won in the Arena of the Ages, any character can equip it. When a character with the Nu Arcana equipped uses the attack command, there is a chance of the character in question dropping an enemy to only 1 HP with a single blow. Note however that there are certain monsters that are immune to this effect.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Nu is a recurring character and enemy in Chrono Trigger, around which much mystique and enigma exists. Arcana is "mysterious or specialized knowledge, language, or information accessible or possessed only by the initiate". A synonym of arcana is the word elixir, a magical draught.