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Millennial Fair (Chapter)

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details about Chrono Trigger follow. Continue at your own risk.

The Millennial Fair is the first chapter of Chrono Trigger.

Walkthrough Outline[edit | edit source]

Hey! Thanks for checking out our walkthrough of Chrono Trigger. Cutscenes will be briefly outlined, since the purpose of a walkthrough is to walk you through the game, and help out during any difficulties. Hilarious comments (or serious ones) will be chillin' in (parentheses). So with that, enjoy playing CHRONO TRIGGER!

Good Morning Crono[edit | edit source]

To start off, your going to be given the option between Active or Wait. If its your first time playing the game, I recommend Wait, simply because it gives you time to make your decision, as well as letting you check the walkthrough at no cost to your HP. Then you'll name your main (silent) protagonist. For all purposes of the walkthrough, let's name him Crono. With that, your treated to a beautiful view of the overworld for this time-period (That's a spoiler? Well you did read the top of the page right?). Anyway, lots of commotion going on at that square area over there. Best go check it out...oh wait your asleep. Good thing Crono's mother is there to wake you up and open up your shades! Well, better get started with the day (but you can close your shades first if you want!). Head downstairs and go talk to Crono's mother. She'll remind you of that you promised your inventor friend to go see her at the fair. Then your forgetful mother will ask you to name your friend. Once again, we'll be going default and name her...Lucca. Talk to her again and she'll give you your allowance coming in the form of the greatest currency, GOLD! 200g to be precise (but who likes precision? Who do you think I am, NASA?). Exit the house to go out to the overworld!

Special Encounter[edit | edit source]

Now on your overworld, you've got tons of options. The really pressing ones though, are the Mayor's Manor and Leene Square. I'd say the first stop should be the Mayor's Manor, since if your a first timer, you can get tons of tips. Also, you can pick up a Tonic and 100g. Now, there's nothing else really to do. Theoretically, you can go talk to people, and get a feel for the the location; people mostly talk about 3 topics; Lucca's inventions (spoiler, they never work), The awesomeness of the fair, and King Guardia XXXIII and his daughter. So with that, let's head out to Leene Square. Now let's check the currency of the fair, Silver Points. There are 4 ways to gain Silver Points; All the way to the left there is a ring the bell game. Wait until Crono goes as far back as possible, then hit the A or X. Still in the main area, there is a booth that you can bet on the races. Green Ambler has a 30% chance of winning, Catalack has 25%, Steel Runner has 20%, and G.I. Jogger has 25%. In the area up from there, there is a drinking contest to the right of the bell. Click A or X rapidly and drink 8 cans to win 10 silver points. Over to the left of the bell, is a passage way to the robot Gato. After listening to his song, you'll have to beat him up for 15 silver points. Silver Points can be spent in a variety of ways, they can be traded in for gold at the booth left of the bell, or spend in the EVIL LAB, A.K.A Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors. I've been talking about this bell a lot haven't I? Might as well go check it ou...HEY! Man, that girl just collided with you. Uh oh, looks like she lost her pendant.

Very important Talk to the girl, before retrieving the pendant for her. This is important and will be covered more in the next section of this chapter. She will ask for the pendant back, give it to her. She's from out of town and really confused, so she'll ask to go with you (a hot chick asking to follow you around? Get real.) Anyway, she also doesn't seem to know her name...(odd), so you can give her one! Once again, we'll be going with the default (although you'll probably go with your dream girl's name) Marle.

Be Good! (Or not...)[edit | edit source]

Now I alluded to this with your encounter with Marle, but being good is important. It will influence events later in the game. So here is a simple guide showing you how to be good. To be bad, just do the opposite!

-Talk to Marle before picking up the pendant

-Give it back to her the first time she asks

-There is a pink bag near where you fight Gato. Don't eat it.

-If you talk to Melchior don't try and sell the pendant

-There is a girl who is missing her cat. She is rather confusing. If you talk to her, You must bring her back the cat the cat is located near Gato and the lunch. If you bring back the cat without talking to the girl, there is a chance that the game will miss-remember it and will not be counted. If you don't talk to the girl, it is technically neutral and the later result is based on something else.

-When you go to see Lucca (we'll get to it, be patient!) Marle will want to shop. Don't move. If she utters the kidnapper line you messed it up (or succeeded...)

Time for Lucca![edit | edit source]

Now, once your ready for Lucca, go back to the main area of the fair. First, your probably going to want to get your equips in order. I recommend speaking with Melchior and getting an Iron Blade for Crono. Then, go over the guy selling armor and buy a Karate Gi (you'll be picking up a Bronze Helm really soon for free. After speaking with that merchant, a message will appear telling you that Lucca's device is all set up north of the fair. So, let's head out! BUT! Marle wants candy, so as I said above, wait for her to finish. Anyway, go and listen to Taban be an excellent showman. Go talk to Lucca, and she'll ask you to test it. You can, but you don't have to. If you do test it and talk to Taban, he'll say he can't believe it worked. Wow...I guess everyone was wrong about Lucca's inventions! Anyway, whenever your ready, go talk to Marle, and she'll want to give it a try. She will, but something about her pendant will react with the telepod and create a blue gate. She'll get sucked into it, causing a panic amongst onlookers. Taban and Lucca will discuss, but of course you will have to save the day. Walk up to the pendant, and get ready to follow her through the gate. Good Luck, we'll be seeing you once you make it through in the next chapter.

Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


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