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Queen Leene

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Queen Leene
Queen Leene
Official artwork of Queen Leene by Akira Toriyama.
Home Time Middle Ages
Home Area Guardia Castle
Family King Guardia XXI (husband)
King Guardia XXXIII (descendant)
Marle (descendant)
Doan (descendant)
Gender Female
Friends / Colleagues Cyrus
Master of Kitchens
Guardia Knights
"Dearest Marle, I know things are tough between you and your father. But nothing can break your bond of blood. Neither words of anger, nor great distances. Someday, when you have children, you will understand. This special bond is part of a family tree which links us together."
— Queen Guardia XXI, Leene

Queen Leene (リーネ王妃 rīne ōhi?) is a character in Chrono Trigger. As the twenty-first Queen of Guardia during the Middle Ages, she is a distant ancestor of Marle and the two bear a startling resemblance. Along with her husband, King Guardia XXI, she sits in Guardia Castle as its ruler.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Queen Leene positions her blond hair in a fancy knot pinned to her head. Lacy white gowns are what she is always depicted in, along with elbow-length gloves of the same color. Her sprite depicts a smaller version of these gloves and adds a bluish tinge to her usual white garments. In her official artwork, Leene wears a blue pendant around her neck. This pendant very well may be the exact one bequeathed to Marle in the future. She wears a coral pin that is very dear to her.

Biography[edit | edit source]


Queen Leene is the bright, cheerful ruler and wife to King Guardia XXI in 600 A.D. She marries into the family in 590 A.D., and is present to send off Cyrus and Frog to search for the Masamune and Hero's Badge. Her deep care for the two and others evidence a touching, considerate personality and kind disposition. During 600 A.D., she is kidnapped by Yakra as part of a plan to cause chaos in the Kingdom of Guardia; originally, she is to be found by intensively searching the Manolia Cathedral, but this iss altered when Marle enters the Middle Ages from the Millennial Fair. She is then mistaken to be the queen, and the search is withdrawn. Leene meanwhile is interred in Manolia Cathedral, apparently to be eaten; after Marle disappears due to a grandfather paradox, Crono, Lucca and Frog quickly defeat him and released the queen. She expresses her gratitude, though Frog departs, feeling guilty for her abduction.

When the King is injured in battle shortly after, Leene kneels by his side throughout his recovery. Later, she oversees the keeping of the Rainbow Shell within the castle and composed a letter to her descendant, Marle. The contents imply that at some point in her life she figures out that Marle is her descendant.

Cyrus, too, is able to rest in peace after learning that Leene is in good hands with Frog. After the events of Chrono Trigger, the smith Banta completes Leene's Bell, a copper bell commissioned by the King as a symbol of his love. It hangs in Leene Square. Later, the bell is replaced by Nadia's Bell, a silver duplicate of the original.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Leene may be a cheek-in-tongue way of saying lean, referencing her yielding disposition. Alternatively, Leene is a Germanic variant of Helene, coming from Helen of Troy, whose kidnap sparked a famous war amoung the Trojans.
  • A decoy of Leene exists in Manolia Cathdral near the room with Magus' Statue. Alternatively, a second decoy of her exists in Fiendlord's Keep as a trap for Frog. Each player in the party is tempted by someone they deeply care for. Frog's illusion is Leene.
  • It is never mentioned how Queen Leene became aware of the dispute between King Guardia XXXIII and Marle, although discovering that Marle was her descendant could be inferred by their similar physical appearance.
  • In one ending of Chrono Trigger, Queen Leene marries Frog; and as such Marle and her father are transformed into anthropomorphic frogs.