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Curious Village

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Curious Village
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Time Period 2300 AC
Chapter(s) played in Dream's End (postgame)

Curious Village is a location within the Future Dimensional Vortex, exclusive to Chrono Trigger (DS). It is one of the possible random rooms the player must go through to reach the end.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The location consists of four comfy rooms, each with a child that will ask the player a question, and teleport away once it is answered.

If you want to get through here, you'll have to answer a question for me.

First child

Which of the following is not one of the racers in Leene Square? Steel Runner, Green Ambler, Catapult, G.I. Jogger

What item can you obtain by trading fangs and petals at the trading hut in Ioka Village? Mammoth Tusk, Ruby Gun, Red Plate, Primeval Blade

Second child

When did Lavos first arrive on the planet? Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, 1999 AD

What is Frog's true name? Cyrus, Tata, Glenn, Polliwog

Third child

Who is the Guru of Time? Melchior, Belthasar, Gaspar, Doan

Who serves as Crono's lawyer when he is placed on trial at Guardia Castle? The King, The Chancellor, Melchior, Pierre

Fourth child

Princess Nadia is also known by what alias? Lucca, Ayla, Flea, Marle

What does Dalton dub the upgraded Epoch? The Dalton Aero-Cruiser, The Dalton Air-Chariot, The Aero-Dalton Imperial, The Daltonian Airthrone

Correct answer

You're absolutely right! Okay, you can go on ahead.

Wrong answer

You're absolutely... wrong! Too bad. To the Hall of Punishment with you!

Afterwards, the player will be sent to a four-room hallway plagued with Nus, that must be transversed to proceed to the next question.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Enemies: Nu