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The Bullfrogs
Prehistoric Frog.png
Home Time Antiquity
Middle Ages
Home Area Abandoned Sewers, Black Omen
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Each Other

Bullfrogs are characters in Chrono Trigger.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They are frogs with yellow skin and white bellies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The bullfrogs are two frogs, called Boss and Underling, who inadvertently guide Crono and his friends through the Abandoned Sewers. They first appear after Crono defeats two Dondragos. The Underling hints at the fact that the bridges can be made to appear or retract. Later, they appear before fighting Krawlie, as the Underling tries to hit the switch to deploy the bridges, but cannot reach it. They appear much later in the game in the Black Omen. Though it is unknown how exactly they got there, they appear after asking the Nu on the right to escape. The Nu will send for them and they push an ejector seat up from the bottom of the screen which will send the party back to the dock at the bottom.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their dialogue while pushing the ejector seat in the Black Omen varies depending on the era:

In Antiquity:

Boss: Oh, all right...! What's your little dream? Gribbit.

Underling: I just want to keep being your apprentice, ribbit.

Boss: Sheesh! You're making me cry, here. I'm gonna tell Krawlie just what you said!!

In the Middle Ages:

Underling: Hey, Boss. What's your life's dream, ribbit?

Boss: My personal dream? To be king of the sewer! Gribbit!

And in the Present:

Underling: You're starting to bug me! How long do I have to put up with your drivel, ribbit?

Boss: Just shut up and push, with ya, GRIBBIT!

  • One of the Bullfrogs may be the frog in the ending, "Good Night," in which a Nu, a Bullfrog, and a Kilwala all attempt to go to sleep but end up being woken up by one of the others. This ending can be attained by defeating Lavos before visiting Zenan Bridge and fighting Zombor.