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Area of Effect

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An example of an Area of Effect Tech in Chrono Cross.

Area of Effect, colloquially known as AoE, is a battle mechanic present in the Chrono series. Specific Techs and Magic spells dealing damage to or healing Hit Points of multiple targets simultaneously are called Area of Effect spells of techs. In Chrono Trigger, techs such as Cyclone, Fire Whirl, and Dino Tail deal damage to multiple targets in an Area of Effect style. Healing spells such as Cure2 or Slurp Kiss restore Hit Points in AoE style in the same game. Nearly all second-tier magical spells in Chrono Trigger are Area of Effect. In Chrono Cross, AoE Elements include MeteorShower, Gravitonne, and Carnivore, while AoE Techs include RedPin, Luminaire, and PopPopPop to name very few.