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Acuity Ring

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Acuity Ring
Hit Ring.png
Japanese Name ヒットリング
SNES/PSX Name Hit Ring
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A ring that enhances attack precision.
Effect +10 to Hit
Charmable Fiends Giga Mutant (Black Omen)
Treasure Chests Arris Dome (Sealed Door)

Acuity Ring (also known as Hit Ring in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It increases the wearer's Hit Rate by 10 and can be obtained in the Arris Dome behind a Sealed Door. Also, Ayla can charm it from a Giga Mutant. It can be worn by any character.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Acuity is a word for keenness of perception, commonly used for visual perception. Seeing better undoubtedly increases a character's ability to hit a target.